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Level up with Viora! Get $30K towards your next V-Series purchase

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Current Reaction owners can get up to $30,000 towards a new V-Series device with Viora’s limited time trade up program. In addition to the huge savings on offer when you upgrade your old reaction device, Viora’s V-Series platform gives your practice a huge boost with significant benefits including:

  • Multiple technologies integrated into a single platform
  • Faster treatments & pre-heating thanks to Multi-CORE
  • Improved safety, usability & treatment experience
  • Upgradable handpieces that grow with your business

V-Series platforms built on 11 years of industry experience and expertise in the medical aesthetic field, and thanks to its multifaceted approach (both handpieces and technology), you can open up a wide range of new treatments that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

This special offer is available until September 30th!

Be sure to contact your sales representative before time runs out.

*This offer is available to US customers only.

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A Special Mother’s Day Story

Sometimes a personal search can plant the seed for a new venture. That’s what happened to Carmen Meherg, owner of two Smart Skin Med Spas in Birmingham, AL. After a medical issue, Carmen suffered from unexplained cystic acne. She searched high and low for a solution to her personal problem—doing research, talking to experts and trying product after product.

“Nothing really helped,” says Carmen. “I didn’t want to cover it up, I wanted to fix it.” Her search eventually led to the opening of her own spa. With a business fueled by happy clients, Smart Skin Med Spa expanded into a larger space as well as opening a second location 2 years ago.

Her daughter, Lacey Edwards, basically grew up in the business and built upon her mother’s success by helping introduce new programs, products, and treatments to the Smart Skin suite of services. “Smart Skin is a family legacy and I enjoy working with my mother so much,” says Lacey. “I have three children and I can totally envision them working alongside me one day.” Smart Skin continues to thrive 20 years later!

Smart Skin Viora.jpg

Smart Skin Med Spa only uses state of the art equipment that has been tested and meets all industry standards. Viora is part of the success story.  The Smart Skin staff loves that the powerful intense pulsed light technology is customized with interchangeable filters to tackle every client’s personal skin care needs.

“Mothers (and grandmothers) may use it for sun damage or rosacea while their daughters may want help with acne,” says Lacey. “It also has a preventive quality,” notes Carmen, “so starting early, even in your twenties, can help you look your best for a long time.” It’s a win-win for all generations.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Smart Skin is offering Smart Bucks on Viora! Spend $250 and get $500 worth of treatments or spend $500 for $1000! You won’t be disappointed.

Follow Viora on Facebook and Instagram to see more success stories and to find out how Viora’s advanced aesthetic devices can deliver outstanding clinical results for your patients.

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Viora Promotes Sally Gibb to National Sales Director

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Advancement Confirms continued success and growing presence in the US aesthetic market

Viora Inc. has announced the promotion of Mrs. Sally Gibb to National Sales Director for Viora Inc.  Mrs. Gibb will take charge in driving local sales strategies and continuing in-depth practice development activities.

“Sally has been a top performing and highly valued member of Viora over the last 5 years, and has demonstrated ceaseless work ethic and passion, with unwavering dedication,” said Andrea Trofimuk, GM, Viora Inc. “Sally brings a fresh approach to our industry with deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed, and a unique, genuine approach to sales.”

“It’s an incredible opportunity for me to continue my professional growth at Viora, and to continue to expand a company which has been so important to me over the last several years,” said Sally Gibb, National Sales Director. “I look forward to continuing Viora’s distribution in the US and am excited for what lies ahead in 2017.”

Follow Viora on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with upcoming events, or request a demo with a Viora representative.


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Join in on the VIORA MADNESS and Enter our Giveaways!


Viora_March2015_MarchVioraAADMadnessPromo-FRONTAre you attending the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in San Francisco, CA, from March 20-24? Come celebrate our 10th Birthday at booth #2338. You’ll have a chance to enter our giveaway to win the Viora Reaction™ for an entire year! This FDA-cleared mutl-frequency bi-polar RF system with proprietary CORE™ technology is one of our most popular devices. It is perfect for body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction and it treats aging skin. Come see it in action at AAD booth #2338!

To enter, just complete these 3 easy steps!

  1. Take a photo of yourself at our booth (#2338).
  2. Post your photo on your practices’ business Facebook page.
  3. Use this caption: We are entering into a contest to win the @VioraMed Reaction for an entire year! An awesome machine that helps reduce cellulite! Help us win it by LIKING this picture; the person with the most likes wins! #VioraAADMadness

*Don’t forget to put the @ symbol before VioraMed (@VioraMed) to tag us and hashtag #VioraAADMadnessViora_March2015_MarchVioraAADMadnessPromo-BACK


If you will not be attending AAD, you still have a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us about your experience with Viora treatments and include the hashtag #VioraMadness in your comment! It’s that easy! The last day to enter is March 31, 2015.



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Practical Dermatology Follows Viora Progress


The March issue of Practical Dermatology has a special update regarding energy-based technologies, including coverage of ongoing Viora studies of RF Reduction and Tightening. You can read the excerpt here:

Viora: Studies of RF Reduction and Tightening Underway


A study of cellulite reduction treatment using the multifrequency RF Reaction™ is now underway, according to Viora. The study, which commenced last fall, involves the first and only multi-frequency radio-frequency cellulite treatment device available in the US. David J. Goldberg, MD is lead investigator for the study, which Viora says “will contribute to the clinical evolution of the Reaction, and will enable Viora to optimize treatment protocols further.”

Compared to single-frequency devices, the Reaction’s targeted multi-frequency RF capability is intended to provide practitioners flexibility to treat and cover a greater spectrum of cellulite conditions and their triggers.


Another study, to assess the safety and efficacy of the Reaction with the ST Applicator for temporary improvement in facial wrinkles, has nearly completed enrollment. Neil Sadick, MD is the investigator for the study, which now has some subjects with up to six months of follow-up. Clinically, physicians report use of the device for post operative irregularities, loose neck skin, and other tightening procedures.

For the complete article visit Practical To view the PDF version with images, click here.


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Viora’s Reaction – A Tummy Tuck Alternative


If you’re looking for a solution to your muffin top, or just want to tighten up your stomach for the upcoming bikini season, a March 19th article from highlights the benefits of Reaction™ as an alternative to getting a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

Reaction by Viora – A Tummy Tuck Alternative?

If you can’t seem to lose that belly bulge with diet and exercise, or you have a small “pooch” after having children, you may have thought about getting a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is plastic surgery procedure that involves removing body fat and realigning the tissues around the abdomen to create a flat, streamlined appearance. However, there may be another option for men and women who want to achieve that coveted silhouette without surgery.  Reaction by Viora is a radio-frequency, cellulite reduction and skin tightening device that can tighten and sculpt the tissues to in the abdominal area. This innovative treatment may be an alternative to tummy tuck surgery in some people.

If you have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck and want to improve the shape of your midsection, set up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Your surgeon can discuss the pros and cons of surgery, and determine whether you are a good candidate for the Reaction by Viora treatment.

How Reaction by Viora Can Sculpt Your Midsection

The Reaction by Viora system is designed with three treatment applicators. These applicators are able to reduce cellulite, decrease the circumference of various body parts, tighten the skin, and also shape and contour the facial tissues. The technology can deliver RF energy at four different frequencies – for a superficial treatment, for a mid-layer treatment, and also for a deep treatment. A multi-layer frequency combines all of these three modes.

If you are getting Reaction by Viora treatments around your midsection or abdominal region, the medical practitioner will adjust the frequency based on how much fat and skin tissue is located in the area. The F-Contour is especially effective for reducing localized fatty deposits in the love handles and smaller pockets of fat around the waist. The B-Contour treatment is designed to reduce cellulite and can also tighten the skin around the abdomen. Your surgeon or medical practitioner will determine which applicator and what frequency will be most appropriate for your body and to reach your goals.

Top Benefits of Reaction by Viora

Since the entire Reaction by Viora treatment is non-invasive, you don’t have to worry about many of the side effects of surgery.  Some of the other top benefits of Reaction by Viora include:

  • Reduces the circumference of the skin tissues
  • Helps to tighten and tone loose skin around the abdominals
  • Reduces bumps and the appearance of cellulite in the treated area
  • FDA-cleared device
  • Delivers immediate results
  • Reduces edema and swelling of the skin tissues

More information about the Benefits of Reaction Body Contouring Treatments can be found here.

Since any fat lost from this area isn’t permanent, you do need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep the fat off for good. You can return to regular activities shortly after your treatment, and there is no pain involved.

Learn more about tummy tucks in our information guide, or set up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for the Reaction by Viora treatment.

The above article can be found at

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New Device Shows Promise In War Against Cellulite


NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Cellulite can show up on people of any size and it is usually unwelcomed.

There are many products and cosmetic procedures that promise to diminish cellulite; from lotions and creams to lasers or liposuction. Now there is one more tool to add to the list of fat fighters.

CBS 2’s Mary Calvi reports about a new device that was recently approved by the FDA. It does the work of two different machines.

Lisa Castronovo is fit and trim, but she can’t seem to get rid of cellulite on the back of her legs.

“No matter how much you work out it, just starts to form,” said Castronovo.

A new technology called “Reaction” is the first device that combines existing therapies to treat cellulite and fat, and tighten the skin.

“A better overall result with fewer treatments,” said Dr. Matthew Schulman of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

The treatment uses traditional radio frequency energy to heat the skin, and vacuum therapy to increase blood flow to the area.

“Heating will cause the collagen to shorten and tighten the skin. Or it causes a controlled injury to the fat and causes the fat to disappear,” said Schulman.

There is very little discomfort with the treatment, but there can be some bruising afterwards.

“It just felt like someone was giving me a massage with really hot heat,” said Castronovo.

According to doctors, it usually takes a few visits to see the effects. A single maintenance treatment once or twice a year afterwards is suggested.

Insurance won’t cover procedures like this because it’s cosmetic. It will leave a dent in your wallet, costing about $2,500 for a six-week treatment.

For patients like Castronovo, it is worth it.

“I feel a lot better,” she said.

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