PlumpRF™ Promises to Bring the Romance this Valentine’s Day


Regardless of whether or not your expensive dinner reservations have yet been made, February 14th is almost here. And, as the most lovey-dovey day of the year approaches, there’s no denying all the ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day vibes in the air. There’s just something about unexpected gifts, thoughtful heartfelt love letters, and deep red roses that makes people want to get, well, closer. In other words… a kiss is probably in your near future. So, as you get all dolled up for the most significant date night of 2020, it’s important you don’t forget your most important accessory; a gorgeous, pouty, full, and more-than-ready-to-smooch set of smackers that your date simply won’t be able to resist. Lips feeling a bit, well, deflated? Don’t be heartbroken. Viora’s here to share the love with the non-invasive, quick, and effective lip-plumping solution of the century.

Get the Plump Without the Poke

How can you expect to attract the perfect kiss without the perfect lips? Viora’s quick, safe, and painless PlumpRF™ gives you the full and youthful look you’ve always desired to get you canoodling in no time. By utilizing multiple levels of radiofrequency via CORE™ technology, PlumpRF™ treatments are able to reach deep into the dermis of your lips by producing the controlled thermal injury necessary to impeccably plump your pout and regenerate collagen without the risk or downtime of lip-plumping alternatives. Because no injections are used, you’ll also avoid looking or feeling like you’ve been poked and prodded. Bruises, swellings, and “duck lips” are NOT in for 2020, trust us. PlumpRF™ leaves your lips looking supple, natural, and, most importantly, wildly irresistible.

The Ultimate Lip Service

You’re busy and we get that. PlumpRF™ promises results in a quick, effective, and comfortable 10-minute treatment session. That means you can receive a PlumpRF™ treatment in less time than it takes to get a pedicure. Also, Viora’s contact cooling system will make your experience as pleasant as possible, and because of the revolutionary technology used to target multiple layers of skin and all skin types, you can be assured a tailored treatment session that is unique to you. Try achieving all of that with injectables. That’s what we call ‘making out’!


Relationships are a lot of work, and whether you’re on your first date or your seven-hundred-and-ninety-first, there’s so much to celebrate. What better way to honor a truly special night than to seal it with the kiss you deserve? When you can have the lips you’ve always desired without the downtime or invasive needles of injectables, it’s pretty clear which option to peck- er, pick. From all of us at Viora, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there.

To learn more about PlumpRF™, visit our website.  You can also find a physician near you by using our physician locator.

2 thoughts on “PlumpRF™ Promises to Bring the Romance this Valentine’s Day

  1. Love these results!! How long do the results normally last? How often should the treatment be done? And what is the average range for joules? Is a mouth guard required? Recommended cost on its own? Not as a added treatment. Any information would be greatly appreciated Thank you kindly


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