Four Easy Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight Without Losing Your Mind

The most wonderful time of the year, yes, but also the most excessive. It’s no surprise that after a binge of food, drinks, and late-night parties we’re all ready to trade in our cocktail attire for gym clothes after the holidays come to an end. The problem is, after a season full of overspending, overeating, over-drinking, in-laws who stayed three days too long, and political fights with your uncle, thinking about taking on a new workout and nutrition routine just sounds plain exhausting.

The good news is shaping up for 2020 doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are four almost-too-simple things you can do to battle the bulge after a season of indulgence.

1. Get More Sleep

Yeah, you read that right. Not only does getting more shut-eye give you less time to be snacking when you shouldn’t be, but according to science, sleep deprivation can make it harder to burn fat. When the body is getting less than around eight hours of sleep a night, metabolism takes a hard hit. That all-too-familiar groggy stupor we feel like when we’re overtired translates to our ability to process insulin too. In other words, the physical body gets sleepy and the carbs and sugars that should be turning to energy just kind of hang around and turn to fat instead. Quick Tip: Try a ‘no TV in bed’ rule. Studies show that the use of electronics in the bedroom (phone, TV, gaming, etc) keep you up longer and make it difficult to wind down.

2. Drink More Water

This one’s a biggie. More water means more hydration which ultimately improves overall wellness. Drinking more water benefits everything from the quality of skin to joint-lubrication to, of course, aiding in weight loss- and let’s be honest, after a season full of over-doing it in the alcohol department, you may just be a tad dehydrated. Also, simply swapping sugary beverages with water is an easy way to cut back on calories, not to mention, drinking water before a meal is a zero-calorie way to reduce your appetite and keep you from overeating. Quick Tip: While there are many formulas to determine how much water is right for you to drink daily, it’s widely agreed that the ‘8 x 8 rule’ is a great place to start. Simply, drink an 8-ounce glass of water 8 times a day. Easy!

3. Just Breathe

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, folks. The positive effects of habitually and mindfully breathing are vast. Of course, if we are alive, we unconsciously inhale and exhale constantly. However, because of the stress and cultural distractedness we live in daily, shortness of breath is inevitable and the amount of oxygen we are slurping in is altered. On a biological level, breathing deeply allows much-needed oxygen to be delivered to all of your cells and even aids in nutrient absorption, blood flow, and digestive wellness. But, perhaps even more importantly, practicing acknowledging you are alive by just noticing your breath is a surefire way to gain perspective and the power to make healthier choices. Quick Tip: If you’re feeling stressed, you’re most likely breathing from your upper chest and skimping on oxygen. Try breathing slow, in-and-out of your nose, from your low belly when you’re losing it- your body and mind will thank you.

4. A Magic Wand for Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

What could be any simpler than sleeping, drinking water, and breathing to ease you into your best year yet? Treatments with Viora’s V-FORM handpiece for body contouring and cellulite reduction may not literally be a magic wand, but the results it produces may leave you suspicious. Using CORE™ Technology to target multiple layers of skin, V-FORM treatments shrink unwanted fat cells and tighten unwanted loose skin. In effect, V-FORM promotes cell metabolism and circulation to leave you looking and feeling fresh, youthful, and as if you never even looked at a single carb over the holidays. The best part is, these treatments are effective, 100% non-invasive, and 7000% more comfortable than that excruciating hot pilates class you were thinking about trying this month. And clocking in at about 20 minutes a session, much quicker, too.

Transformation doesn’t have to be miserable. You’ve got it covered to start off the year right.

Viora’s V-FORM handpiece is perfect for body contouring and cellulite reduction utilizing patented CORE technology. Multi-frequency capabilities with vacuum assist is the key to superior results!

To learn more about V-FORM, visit our website.  You can also find a physician near you by using our physician locator.

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