TMD Pain Relief That Works…. Every Time

If there existed a tool that could absolutely guarantee the improvement of patients that suffer from TMD, you’d want to know about it. Now, what if that tool not only promised 100% patient response non-surgically and improved revenue, but also increased customer satisfaction… all while bringing in new and excited clientele?

If you’re ready to set your practice apart from the competition, Viora has the revolutionary technology to get you there. Take it from David de Jongh, DDS, a practicing dentist for nearly four decades, “Having a Viora device in office expands revenue opportunities for a number of patient’s desirable facial aesthetic and therapeutic needs. It rounds out your practice, indicates and presents one’s office as advanced and patient-oriented.”

“…Like Having a Physical Therapist in the Office”

Performed with a V-Series handpieces, Viora boasts the most advanced treatment available for TMD by gently and non-invasively tackling every joint and muscle associated with TMD in a brilliant 6-minute session. The ability to use multiple modes of radiofrequency (RF) using CORE™ Technology makes for an effective and personalized experience for each unique patient. Colorado-based dentist Joshua Bevans, DDS explains it this way, “The great advantage of this treatment modality is instant relief and is like having a physical therapist in the office. For some patients, they have lasting relief after only a few treatments, but the beauty of the system is the patient has always experienced less pain after the treatment.”

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Certain relief of TMD symptoms is not all Viora’s V-Series can provide. Because the nature of CORE™ Technology is to reduce edema, inflamation and muscle pain non-surgically and without pills, your practice will not only be able to offer the pain relief your patients initially called for, but your Viora consultant will show you how you can begin to provide a wealth of new and desirable aesthetic services. Dr. Bevans went on to say, “The Viora system and team are top-notch and their entry into the dental market is a revolutionary step to offering beauty and preventative treatment to conscientious patients, helping their confidence in ways that a smile makeover can, and takes it to the next level. Patients have something new and different to talk to their friends and family about and will bring new patients into the office.”

Get Ready for(Painlessly) Jaw-Dropping Results

You have to see it to believe it. When asked what he would tell another dentist considering utilizing all Viora has to offer, Dr. Bevans said it best, “Get a demo scheduled and see for yourself the results of a high-tech machine that offers very comfortable aesthetic treatments! You won’t be disappointed.”

Keep your practice growing and your patients smiling. Visit to schedule your demo today or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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