Enjoy Turkey (Without Looking Like One)

With Time Comes Wisdom, Patience, Insight, and Loose, Saggy Neck Skin

Sure, there are many benefits to getting older, and while constantly increasing trips around the sun may allow you to soften in ego, unfortunately, passing years can also assist in the softening in the skin underneath your chin. And with the holidays upon us, Thanksgiving, in particular, there really is no better time to address the plight of “turkey neck”.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Turkey neck is the appearance of loose skin below the chin and neck and fatty dropping jowls as a result of extended time merely existing in gravity; while some other factors include, weight loss, genetics, sun damage, and the general deterioration of the skin’s elasticity. The idea is that the fat in the skin that used to add volume to the face in its appropriate places eventually begins to distribute in unwelcome, more unsightly areas, dragging heavy aging skin with it on the way down. The result is a look that actually assists in making you look older than you really are. And while good posture and turtle-neck sweaters can help, there really isn’t much you can do about the impending unraveling of the area below your face besides invasive, painful surgery. Or should we say, there wasn’t much you could do… until now.

No Harm, No Fowl

ReLift by Viora is THE non-surgical, non-invasive answer to turkey neck. Using CORE™ technology which combines multiple radiofrequency channels and vacuum therapy, ReLift targets all problematic layers of the skin to treat local fat accumulation and loose, saggy skin. ReLift works by heating tissue layers to begin the process of lipolysis, which shrinks fat cells and simultaneously increases blood flow. The skin’s elasticity then restores in response to the shrinkage of collagen fibers and, voila, you’ve got firmer, more youthful, and smoother skin without the discomfort of surgery being a massive pain in the neck.

You’re Never Too Old to Become Younger

So, instead of using your energy to dodge every single family photo to hide your aging lower face this holiday season, you can now use all of your reserves to try to get through another one of your uncle’s political rants. You’ll need all you can muster. And honestly, the only turkey skin you should be concerned with this year should be a component in your holiday dinner- if you’re vegetarian, you can go ahead and nix it all together, no matter how protein-deficient your mom thinks you are. Viora’s ReLift offers firm results as soon as after your first treatment session, and depending on your unique situation, can be completed in 6-9 treatment sessions total. Your treatments will be comfortable and only take about 20 minutes, so there’s really no reason to wait one more Thanksgiving… or even one more day.

Visit our website at www.vioramed.com to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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