Keep The Summer Memories, Erase The Summer Pigment

This summer may have left you feeling like you are due for a break from your three-month-long break. And honestly, if the damaging UV rays of the sun haven’t caused you to age ten years this past season, begging your kids to get off their tablets nine hundred times a day has. What better way to give yourself the care you deserve than to get yourself ready to step into fall with youthful, fresh, and flawless skin?

Let’s face it, summer can be exhausting mentally, but it is taxing physically as well. Whether in your backyard or on vacation at the beach, summertime means lots of time in the sun, and while we may be diligent about applying and reapplying (and reapplying and reapplying) our kids’ sunscreen, we don’t always stay as on top of protecting our own fragile skin. Listen up, this is important.

Sun Damage Is Permanent

The effects of a sunburn don’t fade with its redness. While your skin, in time, may not hurt to the touch anymore, overexposure can quicken the appearance of wrinkles and promote dry skin and sunspots making your skin appear older than it is – which makes you look older than you are. And, of course, the more frequently you expose your naked skin to the sun’s harmful rays can increase your chances of pigmented lesions. So what’s the next step?

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent

The next time you want to bypass the sunscreen to hurry your tan, don’t. And if you don’t happen to have sunscreen available, as soon as you start to feel your skin getting hot, move out of the sun.  Also, look for foundations and tinted moisturizers that have SPF-  they provide a great option for protecting your face while running errands. Side note: if you insist on a quick sun-kissed look but want to skip the damage, a little self-tanner never hurt anybody.

How To Treat Existing Sun Damage

Everyone is guilty of staying out in the sun for too long. So, what do you do after a summer full of overexposure to ensure your skin’s health? Here are some tips.

  • Moisturize

 Not only does well-lotioned skin feel and look more vibrant, keeping your skin hydrated promotes a healthy outer layer, allowing the skin to heal itself while being less susceptible to blemishes and wrinkles.

  • Drink Up

Your skin is an organ and works in harmony with the rest of your body’s organs. When you’re dehydrated, your skin shows it, and it’s harder to bounce back from a sunburn, let alone an entire season of multiple sun exposures, when you are dried out. Pro tip: don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, health experts recommend sipping on water throughout the day.

  • Treat(ment) Yourself

Whether you’ve been plagued with wrinkles, sunspots, vascular lesions, or other pigmentation issues (triggered by sun exposure or not), Viora has the answer and it’s painless, totally comfortable, and non-invasive. Viora’s V-IPL handpiece powered by proprietary PCR™  Technology is equipped to tackle all skin types using cutting-edge science that can be perfectly catered to each individual client. By using the unique pulse structure that tailors best to your skin and condition, you can be assured that your personalized session will heal you in a way that creams and lotions just can’t. Treatment sessions promise minimal downtime and can be finished quickly, in about half an hour.

Keep your summer memories, but let’s erase the sun damage, shall we? Congratulations on making it through the summer and we wish you an incredible school year filled with early bedtimes and teachers who don’t believe in homework.

Visit our website at to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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