HELP! I Went To The Gym And My Cellulite Just Ended Up Getting Stronger!

Ok, maybe not really, but it feels that way, right? You’ve tried the StairMaster, cycling class, diet changes, lotions and creams, you’ve even tried prayer… but nothing has helped. No matter what, no matter how hard you’ve tried, when you glance down at your thighs, the dimples of doom make themselves shown. For 90% of women, it is 100% the reason why we choose pants on a sweltering hot day when shorts are the far more reasonable choice. But! you don’t have to take your lumps any longer. Cellulite has ruined its last pool party. Listen up.

90% Cel Stat.png

Did i do something in my past life to deserve cellulite?

No. Well, maybe – but, probably not. Nearly all women suffer from cellulite – men, not so much, (the underlayment of their skin is built differently and isn’t as susceptible to accumulating bumpy lumpiness) – that said, cellulite can have a bunch of different culprits. Genetics are a biggie, as is weight gain and loss, hormonal fluctuations, age, lifestyle, poor circulation, fluid retention and issues with skin elasticity. Fat-to-muscle imbalance would be the obvious offender, and it definitely can play a part in the appearance of cellulite, but spending all of your waking hours in all sorts of different variations of squats at the gym to beef up your thighs is so much harder than our solution – and it’s not guaranteed to work anyway…especially as you age. And also you’ve got enough going on, who’s got time for that?!

Soooo, what’s the solution?

cell structure for cellulite1

Cellulite is composed of fat. Surprise, surprise. But not on the same fat layer where we gain weight, but a special upper fat layer composed from fat chambers surrounded by connective tissue. As we age, the fat volume and water retention fluctuate and these fat cells grow bigger. Eventually, our sub-skin connective tissues become stiffer and tighter essentially as a result of being battered by those growing fat cells and their surrounding collagen. In time, the dermal layer, or skin, on top of all of that mass weakens and softens because of the tension underneath, and alas, you’re left with dimples…and not the cute kind. So, to get back to it, the solution is to reduce the size of those fat cells, rejuvenate the underskin’s tissue, and improve, and improve circulation so your body, skin, and heart can be healthier. And Viora can do just that.

Be happy in your own skin

V-FORM by Viora promises to obliterate your cellulite. What this tool does is it addresses numerous layers of skin and tissues simultaneously with a shockingly high degree of accuracy. Using state of the art CORE(TM) technology, heat is produced to tackle literally all of the issues cellulite has ailed you with by increasing cell metabolism and skin elasticity, breaking down that stubborn tense collagen (which is vacuum-massaged during your treatment to become flexible again) and improving the overall skin texture. The efficacy of blood flow is also improved, and even more amazingly, that deep tissue heating via V-FORM actually shrinks your fat cells. Whoa.

The three to eight treatment sessions only take twenty minutes each and feel like a warm hug to the targeted area. After our totally pleasant experience is complete, you’re done!

And Look at that!, you didn’t have to do any burpees. Again, you’ve got enough going on. Life can be bumpy, but your legs and butt don’t have to be. We got you.

Visit our website at to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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