Maybe There’s No Real ‘Fountain of Youth’, But There Is Skin Tightening

Getting Older Is Inevitable…

We are getting older every day. There’s no way around it, no way to reverse it, no way to slow it down. Sadly, no amount of lying about your age can put a stop to it. Sure, maybe this is the seventeenth consecutive birthday you’ve turned “twenty-nine”, but you know better, and so does your skin.

But Aging Is Optional

So what do we do? Where do we turn? Well, maybe there’s no magic pill, cream, lotion or literal Fountain of Youth to sip from to instantly awaken our tired eyes or plump our deflated cheeks, but there is skin tightening… and it… is… AWESOME.

The Future Of Skin Tightening Is Here

“Viora wants to pay her gratitude to the millions of satisfied patients around the globe and to her loyal partners, by giving the Skin Therapy with Viora’s V-ST handpiece is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for. This brilliant tool, using CORETM technology, can tackle skin unpleasantries in a way that uniquely compliments your uniqueness. By utilizing its different energy frequencies and channels, V-ST pinpoints the exact point of droop, unevenness, or unwelcome line at the precise layer necessary to welcome youthfulness back onto your face. The idea is that with each depth of frequency, the skin is perfectly targeted to optimize the rejuvenation of collagen, causing the health of your skin’s elasticity to be reignited as it thickens and becomes less wrinkled and blemish-y and more like J-Lo’s.m the new consumer platform.

Easy Come, Easy Glow

Viora’s V-ST also promises no down time and minimal discomfort, it’s super fast, and results are both immediate and continue to improve for weeks as your collagen strengthens. In other words, you could receive a treatment after work and make it on time to your eighteenth “twenty-ninth” birthday party before happy hour ends. You’ll be looking extra fly, so definitely bring your ID, you’ll be getting carded at the bar for sure.

Maintenance treatments are easy-peasy and lasting, too; they’re only required every three to six months to make sure your collagen is flourishing and gravity and time aren’t getting the best of you. And that’s it! After only three to six treatment sessions, you’re ready to shine. Remember, Viora Life can supply you with anti-aging wizardry from the inside-out, encouraging healthy diet, exercise and adequate and abundant hydration.

So, yeah, youth may be wasted on the young, but it doesn’t have to be wasted on you

Visit our website at to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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