Don’t Quit…Get ReFit: Loose Skin After Weight Loss


You already did the work. Whether it was growing a precious little baby human inside your body or painstakingly exercising and breaking bad food habits, you were once plumper, time passed, and now you’re, well… deflated. And initially that was the goal, right? Of course it was. You wanted to drop pants sizes or deliver a child, and you did.

Way to go!


But now there’s a new problem.  Drastic weight loss is all fun and games until you realize that despite all of your hard work and dedication, you’ve basically just traded one major issue for another.  Where initially the obstacle was extra, unwanted weight now it’s extra, (really really really) unwanted skin.


And even worse, there is nothing you can do about it.  There is no way to tweak your sit-ups or diet to help the situation. You can wear all the Spanx you can get your hands on, but as soon as you take them off, your stretched skin reemerges.  And, of course, you can opt for agonizing, invasive surgery, but there are serious risks involved like deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, a straight-up painful recovery, and more.

Don’t you wish there was a way to finally get the ultimate payoff for your effort and dedication?

There is! Gone are the days of hiding behind sweaters, leggings, and cover-ups that only allow you to keep tucking away your true, awesome, persevering, and worthy-of-all-the-positive-body-confidence self.  Viora is here to answer all your loose skin’s prayers. Listen up.

ReFit, powered by Viora CORE and Multi-CORE technology, utilizes four modes of radio frequency (or RF) targeting different tissue depths. That’s right, radio frequency, meaning no anesthesia or sharp surgical tools. Also, ReFit’s additional use of vacuum therapy ensures deep heat penetration where you need it, helping aid in the restoration of your collagen’s flexibility while wholly improving your skin’s firmness and elasticity. This solution is non-invasive, totally comfortable, safe, and insanely effective total body contouring. So effective, in fact, that we have tackled some truly impressive clients.

Our Vacuum Boost allows for deeper tissue penetration and increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.Multi-CORE technology offers complete depth control across larger treatment areas for shorter treatment time.

Here’s what 33-year-old E.G., a finalist on Israel’s version of The Biggest Loser had to say:

“From all the yo-yo diets in the past, and from my recent pregnancy with my son, my body was a mess. I did some research on what was available out there and I was ready for the next challenge! … I had treatments on my underarms and stomach – each area took 20min each session. After only four treatments the results are great and I’m excited as to how ReFit will change my life. I’ve seen a real difference in the loose skin on my stomach and arms. These areas look smoother and firmer.”

Similarly, a patient in Florida who was urged to get a tummy tuck for extra loose skin but wanted to avoid surgery happily reports:

“After only one session I saw an amazing difference on my stomach.  Clothes that were too tight, now fit. I felt like the incredible shrinking woman. I have since done my arms and thighs and have the very same results. Imagine how happy I am not to have had major surgery and still see such wonderful results. I see results even weeks after I stop the treatment on that area. It is truly amazing. I am looking forward to doing my neck and face. Thank you, inventors of ReFit…”

And that’s just a drop in the bucket. Clients all over the globe are raving about this unmatched technology and its crazy positive implications in their lives. With treatment sessions an easy twenty minutes with zero down time, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be contacting a Viora provider near you, like… yesterday.

Freedom is a few short treatment sessions away. You’ve already run the marathon, let us carry you through the finish line. It’s time to be liberated by excess confidence, not held back by excess skin. And truly…  you deserve it.

Visit our website at to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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