Viora LTD’s Customer Care Department Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary

A Conversation with Viora LTD’s Customer Care Director – Ms. Dana Dvir

Ms. Dana Dvir, Customer Care Director LTD, has much to share while reflecting back on the eventful year.  Ms. Dvir, who brings a wealth of experience working for leading medical device brands, was no stranger to the competitive sales environment and the Customer Care team that is necessary to support any company, let alone a fast growing one like Viora.

Her first order of business setting up the Customer Care department was building a support strategy by realizing and understanding every detail of Viora’s post-sale practices. Viora LTD’s Customer Care department was, “designed to function as a focal point to all aspects of our customer’s post sale experience.”  Ms. Dvir added, “I was amazed by the thirst for communication and the eagerness to learn more about the Viora brand they had invested in.  From the first few months of the department’s existence, I had placed my focus on meeting client needs & solving their challenges. I travelled to 10 different countries and spent considerable time listening to our customers pinpoint where Viora can improve. Needless to say, I absorbed as much as I could.”

The Customer Care department’s success was felt on a staffing level as well. The tremendous interest created a need for additional hires. “The more people I added to the team, the more work we seemed to have. Every customer request opens several opportunities to support our customer on various levels, whether Clinical, Marketing or Technical Service. The Customer Care Department has doubled the amount of client communication in less than a year.  Even with all of the extra communication, Viora’s customers repeatedly inquire about professional courses, technical or clinical, local or international and Viora’s response has been to further improve and develop new tools for our customers. The beautiful thing is that we have so much more to offer!”

Identifying the need for a focal point to answer customer’s needs has turned out to be a resounding success.  Viora has had a strong Q1 to start 2018 and the Customer Care department continues to focus on additional exciting, rewarding and valuable experiences for the rest of the year and beyond.  Join us at Viora Regionals in Thailand and you will experience firsthand why Viora is soaring!

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