Simply the Best – Context Relevant GUI

V-Series platforms feature an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) accessible via a bright 8” touch screen custom designed for ease of use, safety, and maximum efficacy.

Each handpiece has its own dedicated GUI control screen that allows you to select the treatment type, treatment area, and specific parameters relevant to the biological response you are trying to achieve and patient’s unique characteristics.


Prepare an entire treatment from a few taps on the screen via an interface that’s intuitive to use and creates a seamless and trouble free treatment experience.  Such simplicity is even more beneficial when performing Viora’s combination treatment protocols which involve several handpieces and technologies from a single treatment.

One of the strongest features of Viora’s GUI is its smart contextual awareness. The GUI recognizes handpiece type, filter type, and spot sizes to guarantee the correct application during treatments, while pre-set parameters allow you to deliver the most effective fluence and pulse duration settings based on patient’s characteristics, such as skin type, hair type or symptom complexity.

Viora’s smart GUI takes care of the heavy lifting, helping to reduce cognitive load on the practitioner and letting them focus more on the treatment itself. Request a demo to Viora’s V-Series platforms and advanced GUI in action or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more insights into Viora’s advanced product line.

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