Reinvest in Your Practice With Section 179

There is just one month until the Section 179 December deadline! Take advantage of this IRS tax code to deduct the full purchase price of Viora’s clinically proven, innovative product line from your gross income.

With a deduction limit set to $500,000, you can save huge amounts of money while making a smart business investment that’s been carefully crafted to boost your revenue and give you the edge over your competitors.

Viora’s multi-technology devices have revolutionized aesthetic treatments around the world, offering practitioners a multi-purpose, expandable platform that delivers superior results for your patients. Viora’s V-Series line (V30, V20 and V10) work with individual handpieces, giving you two significant advantages:

  1. Handpieces are interchangeable between V-Series platforms, meaning you can expand your treatment menu with minimal investment and high ROI.
  2. The ability to perform combination treatment protocols incorporating multiple technologies, specially developed to deliver clinical efficacy of the highest standard.


Viora provides extensive clinical training plus full sales and marketing support to make it as easy as possible to implement Viora’s solutions into your practice. One of Viora’s fundamental tenets is that we are partners with our customers. This belief demands that we provide the best support and services for your clinic.

Contact us to see how you can take full advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for your business– email, call +1 201 332 4100 or ask for a free demo today!

For full details on how Section 179 works for you, visit

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