Meet ReBirth – Complete Postpartum Treatments


Becoming a mother is a life-changing, powerful experience with your newborn bringing joy and happiness to you and your family. It also impacts on a woman’s face and body as internal mechanisms must adapt in order to bring a child into the world.  These changes are often significant, with some of the most common post-pregnancy side effects including acne breakouts, sagging skin, stretch marks and scars, melasma (facial hyper-pigmentation), cellulite, labial laxity, excess hair growth and vascular lesions.

Countless new mothers desire to recapture their pre-baby looks but are faced with daunting options such as invasive procedures and lengthy downtime, all of this in addition to the new challenge of being a parent. The vast changes the body encounters can even lead to emotional and physical discomfort, which is why Viora introduced ReBirth to help meet these challenges head on so you can regain confidence and focus on being a mother.

“Following my recent pregnancy with my son, my body was a mess. I wanted some improvement in my sagging skin on my stomach but the results are far more than I hoped for. The skin on my stomach looks much smoother and firmer, and feels better too!”
-E.M., ReFit patient

Photos courtesy of Dr.Steven A.Foley, Comprehensive Women’s Care of Colorado Springs, CO


ReBirth’s array of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments help you recapture your looks with clinically developed advanced protocols enabling treatments with incredibly high levels of safety for the entire body, with proven results. By combining innovative Laser, IPL and Radio Frequency (RF) handpieces coupled with advanced proprietary technologies, ReBirth treatments are both highly cost effective and an alternative to risky surgery.  Perhaps more importantly, there is no downtime following treatments meaning you can spend more time with your family without the need for a lengthy recovery period.

Photos courtesy of Viora


ReBirth is the complete package for all post-pregnancy symptoms giving you immediate, life changing results. Read more about the various ReBirth applications that can be performed on Viora’s award winning V30 platform, or click here to find a physician located near you.

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