Making strides in France with hands on training

IMG-20160512-WA0024Earlier this month, Viora’s esteemed Dr. Cruzy Tagger conducted intensive clinical training in Montpellier, France. Members from Distrilaser and DPG Estetic who made the journey from Spain were treated to hands on product demonstrations and introduced to our all new protocols and treatments.

Dr. Tagger demonstrated the V-Form and V-Nd:YAG’s impeccable levels of ‘efficacy’, while participants raved about the stunning treatment results and how “V-Form is much faster, but above all incredibly easy to use which is something very important for our clients”.  However, it was the introduction of our all new V-Series that really stole the show.

V-Series platforms allow you to exploit the power of one system to provide an array of aesthetic treatments to a broad spectrum of clients.  This level of functionality and potential ROI really struck a chord with participants who are highly interested in introducing this technology to their locations throughout Europe.

This year’s 3 day training session in France was a total success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Contact us on Facebook or through our site to find out when Viora will be at a location near you.

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