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Extra Brownie Points This Father’s Day

Every year we rack our brains for a unique and meaningful gift idea for Dad. Viora’s wide range of treatments can make a world of difference in rejuvenating and revitalizing both body and mind, which grows in importance as we fight the natural aging process.

There’s been a rise in the number of male clients requesting all sorts of treatments, and this trend continues to occur as social stigmas relating to cosmetic procedures for men continue to decline. This year, ditch the socks and slippers, and help the special man in your life re-gain confidence, composure and turn back the clock by booking a Viora aesthetic treatment at a location near you.

To achieve confidence, you need comfort and to feel good in your own skin. Help Dad spend less time plucking and shaving with an IPL hair removal treatment for hard to reach areas such as the back or shoulders. Viora’s innovative V-IPL handpiece uses advanced light technology combined with contact cooling PCRTM technology for safe applications on all skin types with rapid treatment times.


Most father’s will reach that point in life when it’s time to have a midlife crisis, often resulting in purchasing a motorcycle or convertible car, followed by long trips in the country under the open sky. While it may sound appealing on the outset, men commonly overlook even the most basic of sun safety during the hotter summer months, which can result in negative consequences to their skin. Viora’s V-FR handpiece can wipe away any age or sun spots that may have developed, instantly rejuvenating and refreshing his skin and overall look. The V-FR handpiece also does wonders for reducing the appearance of scars with outstanding results.


When trying to lose weight and achieve your ideal body shape, getting rid of those last few kilograms can be particularly challenging. Finding extra time to exercise or cutting out your favorite foods can be difficult, even at the best of times. With Viora’s
V-Form handpiece targeting fat at its core while firming and smoothing the skin, Dad can now achieve those final results he has been chasing.

Does Dad hide behind his beard? Give him that chiseled jaw line he’s always wanted with a ReLift treatment from Viora.  ReLift is the perfect alternative to surgery, reducing jowl line fat while giving that lifting effect previously only attainable in dreams. And best of all, it’s painless, requires no down time, and improves skin elasticity after a few treatments. Now Dad can be proud of his profile again.


Before you run out to the shops and scavenge through the typical gifts Dad has become accustomed to, consider the many treatments available from Viora and give the most important man in your life a gift he will remember forever.

Viora wishes all Dad’s around the world a meaningful and enjoyable Father’s day.  Contact us for more details about Viora’s leading aesthetic treatments.

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Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness month, and many don’t realize the struggles faced by those dealing with one of the most common skin problems. Affecting men and women of all ages, acne occurs due to an increased production of sebum combined with dead skin cells which clog pores and lead to a buildup of bacteria.

Acne can occur due to a multitude of reasons such as hormonal changes, genetics, medication, hygienic factors or nutrition, often having an impact on self-image and confidence. Acne Awareness month is a great time to make sure you’re in total control of your skin and improve it’s appearance with Viora’s leading acne treatments.

Defeat acne at its source with V-IPL and give yourself visibly improved skin texture, tone and complexion. Exploiting Viora’s 415nm wavelength filter, blue light IPL brings oxygen to bacteria causing it to die while allowing your skin to heal and rejuvenate.




Clinical studies have shown incredible results with an average clearance of 88.83% of acne lesions using this method.

To complete the fight against acne while obtaining the ultimate in blemish and oil control, look no further than Smooth™ applications from Viora’s leading electromesotherapy device, Infusion. With Infusions superior dermal delivery, Smooth™ is specially formulated to give you immediate results by decreasing sebum production and reducing the appearance of blemishes while gently exfoliating the skin.


Consisting of natural extracts and antibacterial ingredients, Smooth™ is suitable for all skin types and offers a real solution with proven results to all sufferers of acne.

In some cases, the effects of acne can last for many years in the form of scars.  Not only does Viora’s range of products and treatment cater for active acne treatment but it can also do wonders for reversing long-term damage such as scarring.


Viora’s fractional RF handpiece V-FR provides safe, comfortable treatments for acne scar clearance and skin resurfacing. This minimally invasive solution ensures you get the best possible results with minimal downtime.

  • Pro Tip: Ensure your skin looks and feels it’s best during the hotter summer months while reducing the likelihood of developing acne by following our Summer Skin Care Survival Tips.

Be sure to share this information with your family and friends, and help spread the message of Acne Awareness throughout June. For more information about Viora’s range of treatments for Acne and scarring, contact us today, or find a clinic near you.

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Making strides in France with hands on training

IMG-20160512-WA0024Earlier this month, Viora’s esteemed Dr. Cruzy Tagger conducted intensive clinical training in Montpellier, France. Members from Distrilaser and DPG Estetic who made the journey from Spain were treated to hands on product demonstrations and introduced to our all new protocols and treatments.

Dr. Tagger demonstrated the V-Form and V-Nd:YAG’s impeccable levels of ‘efficacy’, while participants raved about the stunning treatment results and how “V-Form is much faster, but above all incredibly easy to use which is something very important for our clients”.  However, it was the introduction of our all new V-Series that really stole the show.

V-Series platforms allow you to exploit the power of one system to provide an array of aesthetic treatments to a broad spectrum of clients.  This level of functionality and potential ROI really struck a chord with participants who are highly interested in introducing this technology to their locations throughout Europe.

This year’s 3 day training session in France was a total success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Contact us on Facebook or through our site to find out when Viora will be at a location near you.

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