Viora Celebrates Mother’s Day


mothers day

With Mother’s Day around the corner we want to celebrate all the mothers and mother figures. We know that being a mother is the most beautiful job in the world but we know it is also one of the toughest jobs on the body. From pregnancy hormones to acne and hyperpigmentation, weight gain and weight loss and all of your time taken up caring for your little miracle we know what symptoms you are facing and we have the solution to treating them!

Pregnancy hormones can do a number on your skin, sure you have the pregnancy glow, but the acne and melasma may follow. Studies show that more than one in two women will develop mild to severe acne in the first trimester of pregnancy, and it may last long after the baby is born due to shifting hormone levels.  Viora’s V-IPL can treat those pesky breakouts by causing reactive oxygen in the acne bacteria to diminish the symptoms.

V-IPL Acne

Hyperpigmentation is also a symptom experienced that may last years after delivery. Our V-IPL can also target dark spots with light wavelengths specific to targeting unwanted hyperpigmentation superficially or deep in the skin.

Sun damageV-IPL Pigent

Mother’s everywhere also look for a solution to treating lax skin also knows as the “post baby belly”. A treatment that can target the local fat left over from the weight gain as well as the loose lax skin left from delivering. Viora’s Reaction and V-FORM handpiece on the V10 system can target both the loose skin and fat all one treatment! Our ReFit protocol is designed to promote collagen production while shrinking the fat cells. Your skin will look smooth and more firm.

Belly B&A

If you have adopted or are still a mother figure, we know how busy life can be, a mother’s job is 24/7 and who has time or the energy to exercise after a long day of fun with the kids? Whether you have gained or lost weight, or are seeing signs of cellulite, aging skin or large pores, Viora has the solution for your aesthetic concerns.


Our treatments aren’t just for the new mothers out there, you may be a mother of a teenager, millennial or even a grandmother we have the solution for you too! Whether you spend a Mother/Daughter day at the spa, or are just looking to enhance your beauty and improve fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and vascular lesions, we can help. Visit to find a physician near you and set up that special appointment.

Feel Confident

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