Integrated Marketing for Better Results

What does Integrated Marketing mean? It’s very simple – you have numerous channels of marketing, through which you’re sending out your clinic’s message. Ideally, you want to be sure that all of your channels (Social media accounts, web site, print advertising, direct marketing, PR, etc.) are all supporting the same message.

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For example, you have a new procedure you want to promote? That’s great! How are you letting your customers know about this great treatment that they all need to try?

Ideally you would use more than one marketing channel.

Sending out an email is a great idea, but if it’s not linking to a landing page, supporting the email, with more explanation, you might be losing an opportunity to give more information to your customers.

Opting for a full-page ad in the local paper is also an option that is bound to bring lots of inquiries, but many people might first go to your Facebook page – if you’re not including posts about the product or treatment you just advertised, a disconnect starts to form. What did you really want to promote?

If you’ve just posted on Instagram about being the first clinic in your town to own a certain device, a customer who walks in to your clinic may not be sure she’s in the right place without a poster or roll-up to reinforce that original message.

To avoid this confusion, make sure that all your marketing channels support, in some way or another, the messages you want to promote. Integrated marketing ensures that you’re sending the same message to all your customers, no matter where they see that message.

Viora recently launched V-FORM, a revolution in body contouring. If you’re following Viora in some way (as part of our mailing list, following our page on Linked In, visited our booth at AAD, liked our Facebook page, subscribed to our Youtube page, visited our website, etc., you would have seen the great results that we’re getting with V-FORM and had the opportunity to learn more about V-FORM and how it could improve your contouring and cellulite reduction treatments, by providing safer, faster and more efficient results.

V-FORM BandA 019front.png

Are you interested in these results for your clinic? Learn more here! 🙂

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