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Fashion Week is here!

Actually, Fashion Week is really Fashion Month, as four different cities (New York, London, Milan and Paris) each hold week-long events, consecutively, starting today, February 10, 2016! It’s an opportunity to see the best designers sharing their vision for what, they hope, will eventually end up in our closets.

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Whether you’re hooked on fashion or not, it’s an exciting time in the world of design, checking out the newest shapes and colors. And if you’re following along, it’s also a chance to see who the newest “It” girl will be; who’s the hottest muse at the moment. Or are you one who completely ignores the process, going about your everyday routine, without giving much thought as to why something’s on trend?

In either case, you don’t have to be a super model to take advantage of Fashion Week’s hottest treatment trends! With the spotlight firmly focused on a model’s every step and gesture, cameras flashing, zoomed in to catch the smallest of details, you can be sure that skin care is a hot topic in the weeks leading up to their runway strut.

And it’s a hot topic for us as well! Viora has solutions for the widest range of skin issues. Whether it’s acne, vascular issues, rejuvenation, sagging skin, you can enjoy a clearer, tighter, refreshed appearance, after having one of our non-invasive treatments.



And if you’re inspired by one of the collections, and there’s an outfit you just have to have – Viora’s contouring treatments will make it easy to ensure that you look fab in the clothes – without the need for diets – so you get to feel like a model, without the downsides of being a model.


Maybe compared to a jet-setting model or designer, our everyday lives seem a little quiet or mundane – but Viora gives you the opportunity to see a real difference in the mirror, helping to shape your future!

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