How do you prove a negative?

Ethics in marketing – why it’s important

For ongoing success, a clinic must maintain the highest level of credibility. All businesses must be trustworthy in the eyes of their customers, suppliers and even staff. That’s why it’s important for us all to be honest with our customers.

In the world of medical aesthetic solutions, where results are what count, people want to see pictures of previous work. But with the advent of Photoshop (and other graphic software), sometimes there’s an initial reaction to dismiss these images by claiming the pictures have been altered to improve results.

VIPL B and A 091

How do you ensure that your clients believe what’s in front of their eyes? By building a reputation of trustworthiness, not overpromising, and using solutions that allow you to easily replicate your results. Utilizing Viora’s systems lets you achieve this, due to the inherent flexibility and customization available in our superior, proprietary technologies. With Viora’s solutions you can easily stand by your results, as well as the results of others using our systems.

BandA VIPL 071

Here at Viora, you have our word that the results we show you have not been manipulated – our B&A images document the excellent outcomes that we and our customers have achieved. For more information on how to attain these results in your practice, contact us today.

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