Ten Tips to Increase Your Clinic’s Revenue


While a major part of your business is to attract customers, probably sales and marketing techniques were never given the focus it deserved when you were in school. Here are Viora’s top 10 marketing tips to help you bring in more business, increasing your revenue.

  1. Use Social Media!
    Today the consumption of social media is at an all-time high. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more help you reach out to patients in your local area, and even to patients who are visiting your area, whether it’s for a summer vacation, winter break or for the holidays. Use advertising to reach your clients on the platform you know most of their attention lies.
  2. Reach out to your local radio and news stations, even local print journals
    Is there a host or anchor that would like to be treated in exchange for some air time? Find out what packages they offer, whether in studio appearances or filming in your office. Include a twist! Treat the Physician on air; clients love to see that the Physician feels comfortable and safe getting the treatments that are offered to the patients.
  3. Explore starting a “Patient Retention Program
    We know that ‘word of mouth’ can make or break us. Incentivize your satisfied patients to bring in 1-3 friends that purchase a package and award your patients accordingly. Providing superior services to one patient generates results, as they will tell their family and friends all about the treatment.
  4. Start a friendly competition between your staff
    Your staff would love to receive the treatments they are offering but never have time. Create a fun competition; the staff member who sells the most receives a complimentary spa day for all of their hard work. When your staff experiences the treatments and can testify to their own results, they become a walking billboard, and your best advocate.
  5. Initiate a “Patient Loyalty Program”Many offices run this program and it works wonders. Create a point system that leads to a free treatment; Give points for a positive review on Yelp or RealSelf. Add more points for referrals, and even give them points just for being a loyal member. How about their birthday? Patients love to be taken care of and what better gift, than a free treatment?! You can also add points when your patients like or share your page and post on social media.
  6. Always have your business cards handy
    It might seem a small point, but it’s important, especially when attending trade shows, social functions, community events, charities or even when you’re out for a day of shopping and running around town. Being friendly and extending your networks will increase your target audience and expand your network. Also hand a couple of your business cards to your friends and family members. They can help advertise to their friends and family as well. Encourage your staff to do the same!
  7. Offer a complimentary service to their original treatment
    Are your patients in the office for injections? A massage or facial? Maybe you run a practice alongside your med spa? Use the classic “upselling” technique and show them your other available treatments while they’re a captive audience. Ask if they would like to have a test (possibly treat under the eye or nasolabial lines, something short and sweet). Explain what the treatments do and show them before and after pictures, to get them excited! By ‘planting the seed’ they will continue to think about the treatment when they leave your office and this could eventually result in a sold package!
  8. Create a calendar of special events and get your patients Involved
    Are you attending a local charity? Do you have a special holiday party that your office throws every year? Better yet, do you have email or home addresses of your patients to send formal invitations to your special events? You can plan a ‘New You’ New Year’s event, or Spring into Summer campaign. Offer Mother’s Day specials or a Father’s Day deal (we know men like the treatments just as much as the women), or something for Brides, and their bridal parties (and their Grooms!). All of these events will catch the attention of your patients and keep them involved in your office.
  9. Educate your patients
    Most of today’s aesthetic patients are very savvy, however with new technologies and so many devices, it is important to educate your patients on the solutions you offer in your office. This will help your patients feel safe and confident in your practice, as well as in the operators treating them.
  10. Offer complimentary consultations
    New patients love to meet staff members and the physician to see if the office is right for them. A lot of patients are turned off when they hear of a consultation fee. Allow the patients to come in, see what treatments your office offers and give them the opportunity to meet you, to make them feel welcome.

There are many ways to market Viora’s devices in your practice. In addition to the above tips, Viora’s Advanced Training comes with a full Practice Development plan for each office. We work with your staff to come up with creative ways to help market our products, which in turn helps support all of the combinations therapies and products you offer.

Interested in Viora helping your practice? Click here!

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