The Need for Precision

Accuracy is a necessary and critical part of any medical treatment – it plays a role in diagnosing the various symptoms that need to be treated, as well as the specific solutions and procedures that can used in the treatment process.

When treating patients with light energy devices, this demand for accuracy becomes even more pronounced. Practitioners want to ensure that they’re delivering the most focused laser, to be confident that there is no scattering or dispersion of energy, to areas of the skin which don’t require treatment. This protects the patient and makes for a safe and dependable treatment.

Below is a picture of the results of Viora’s Nd:YAG handpiece (5.5mm spot size) being used on thermal paper, vs that of a low quality laser beam. It clearly shows the focused light energy delivered by Viora, as opposed to the dispersion of light energy available in lower-quality devices.

Laser spots - Viora vs low quality

Nd:YAG laser is the safest option for dark skin hair removal but it’s worth checking if your solution is delivering the energy where you exactly need it to be focused. That focus on laser accuracy can help secure a satisfied and happy client.

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