Viora’s PCR Proprietary Technology – The second generation of light technology is HERE!

Viora is excited about its unique PCR technology and what it has to offer to patients and practitioners – a fully customizable treatment for each individual patient for the most popular light-based aesthetic procedures!

But what does PCR mean?

PCR or PulseConfiguRhythm is Viora’s proprietary technology with advanced light-based technology that incorporates a unique pulse configuration and pulse shape to ensure a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The pulse shape is designed to treat patients safely and comfortable with a smooth and controlled charge of the IPL flash while the different pulse configurations offer fully customizable treatments per patient, per indication.

So how does PCR really benefit you?

“PCR technology gives us the level of control needed to match the pulse wave and duration as closely as we can with the thermal relaxation time (TRT) of the target. This means more energy is absorbed by the target rather than surrounding tissue, which is the key to successful selective photothermolysis; efficient energy absorption gives us the specificity required to get the most out of delivered energy. Individualized treatment capability leads to improved safety, more rapid healing, enhanced results and a better overall patient experience.” – Steven Shapiro M.D., medical director of Gardens Dermatology in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

PCR was developed to three options in pulse configurations to tailor your treatments to each patient’s comfort level and Fitzpatrick Skin type.

A single pulse, multiple pulse and a rapid pulse allow physicians and operators to target different colors and sizes of lesions, different thickness of hair and colors of hair with the right amount of coagulation and the right amount of safe energy, for each patient. PCR allows the operator to treat all skin types with advanced settings to control the pulse duration and intervals of the total pulse; this allows the epidermis to stay cool while giving the target chromophore enough heat absorption to coagulate the indication that’s being treated.

pcr pic 2

And why is an adjustable pulse duration so important? The pulse duration plays an important role in efficacy and safety of the treatment. The shorter the pulse duration the more aggressive the pulse will be. A short pulse will be suitable for “difficult-to-treat symptoms” (such as light hair or lighter pigmented lesions). However, the target size will also influence the chosen duration. Based on the principle of the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time), larger targets (such as thick hair or blood vessels) will be more effectively treated with a longer pulse duration since there is a need for more coagulation. Additionally, the depth of the indication also influences the pulse duration needed, where shorter pulse durations penetrate more superficially and longer pulse durations penetrate deeper.

“I’ve had treatments with other lasers for my legs because I had problems with shaving.  I hesitated to do the bikini because I wasn’t sure it was worth the pain.  I’m so glad I did it because the results were awesome and the treatment was so much more tolerable with the V30.” – Boston, USA

pcr pic 1

We’re convinced that you’ll be as excited about PCR as we are (and those who’ve already used it are!)! PCR is integrated into the V-IPL handpiece, which is available with the V20 and V30 multi-technology platforms. For more information on how you can see PCR in action, contact us today!

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