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Don’t Let Cellulite Ruin Your Pictures

Fall is slowly approaching and you’re looking back at pictures from all those beach days, lake excursions, pool parties, etc., are you noticing a few shadows and dimpling in the skin that you prefer not be there? You’re not alone – cellulite is an issue that bothers just about everyone. Even Trya Banks and Hillary Rodham Clinton have discussed it!

So we all agree that cellulite is the worst! But what is it, and what can be done about it?

Cellulite is caused from enlarged fat cells, tight connective tissue bands (septae) and a weakened dermal layer. If that wasn’t enough, it also affects the circulatory rate in the skin and when there is low blood flow there is low oxygen and the cells are not given the nutrients they need to stay healthy so this tissue then becomes sick tissue.


Since cellulite is a structural problem, not a fat problem – creams, lotions, pills and even diets cannot effectively treat cellulite.

However, there is a solution. Viora treats the actual symptoms, with CORE (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) technology. CORE provides deep tissue heating to stimulate natural lipolysis, which helps reduce the volume of fat cells. In addition, Reaction’s vacuum helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing edema. Viora’s CORE also encourages fibroblast activity and gives a tightening effect. Heated fibroblasts lead to improved firmness and elasticity of the skin.

reaction 1

Exercise and diet are great for the body, however these do not target the symptom or the root of cellulite. Viora’s solution is FDA cleared for cellulite and treats cellulite effectively without downtime. Viora’s cellulite treatment targets not only the fat cells for body contouring but also addresses the dermal layers so the skin appears smooth and youthful.

So instead of deleting those pics from this summer, take the time now to start planning for next year’s bikini season! Visit to locate a Viora practitioner near you!

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Operator Spotlight: Mary Cerino from the office of Dr David Vasily

Mary Cerino

Mary Cerino

As a Bethlehem, PA dermatologist and an outstanding Aesthetics professional, Dr David Vasily offers a wide variety of treatments in his practice, Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center. Working alongside Dr Vasily is his nurse, Mary Cerino. Mary provides treatments specifically on Viora’s Reaction, the V-touch IRB study purposes and will soon be working with Viora’s newest multi-technology system. In this day and age, non-invasive technologies are more popular than ever and it is becoming more and more desirable to be able to provide a solution for all areas of concern, and for all patients’ needs and wants.

Dr Vasily and Mary Cerino have worked with almost all of the devices in the aesthetic industry and have become very fond of Viora’s proprietary technologies. Mary has worked with Reaction for a few years now and says “For patients who want skin rejuvenation with no down time, Viora’s Reaction is a valuable tool. Initial sessions, followed by regular maintenance sessions, result in a nice, continued subtle improvement in skin texture and firmness which can be further improved with regular maintenance sessions. Reaction can also provide an improvement in body contouring in patients who ‘just can’t lose’ that area of bulging with regular exercise and diet. It is a nice addition to our practice allowing us to meet the needs of a variety of patients!”

Results with Reaction

Results with Reaction

Dr Vasily is also pleased with the results and comments, “Viora’s Reaction has proven to be a very valued, noninvasive device with varied applications in our cosmetic dermatology practice. Multiple uses include treatment of acne, facial skin rejuvenation and tightening, striae and, especially contouring of body areas such as ‘bat wings’ of arms, ‘love handles’ and baby belly or pooch.  The device has performed flawlessly with minimal service down time and is invaluable in our office.”

Dr David Vasily and Mary have also been working with Viora’s V-touch system for IRB study purposes, which utilizes Viora’s proprietary technology, SVC™. This fractional radiofrequency system is like no other, with minimal to no discomfort and amazing results. Mary has been a witness to these outcomes, saying, “V-touch has proven to be an excellent fractional RF device. The results that we are seeing in skin rejuvenation are truly amazing! In our practice we have treated patients with photodamage, evidenced by actinic bronzing, actinic keratosis, skin laxity and rhytids, and have seen improvement in their skin verified by VISIA photography documentation. Patients who have tried previous treatments with non-ablative fractional lasers and saw “none to minimal improvement”, underwent treatments with V-touch and experienced tangible, visible results. Patients have generally been very pleased with the improvement in their skin!”

Vasily B&A V-touch

Results with V-touch

The success stories coming from this office is something to be excited about. Dr Vasily says “Viora’s V-touch has proven to be the most successful skin resurfacing/rejuvenation device ever utilized in our practice in terms of the right blend of ablation and thermal tightening. After a series of three treatments, patients show remarkable reduction in skin laxity, as well as significant homogenization of color, texture, tone and pore reduction. It is without a doubt, one of the cornerstone devices of our cosmetic dermatology practice.”

To have developed the “cornerstone device” for our customers in aesthetic practice is certainly the goal for Viora. We’re thrilled that we’ve achieved that for Mary and Dr Vasily, in that we’ve built the time machines and they’re shaping the future!

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