5 Reasons you’ll want to attend a Viora Regional Training Course

Once a year Viora’s Clinical team hosts an exciting Advanced Training course for all of our local offices in some of our largest clientele regions; think of this as a continuing education course. Regional Trainings are fun and exciting and allows offices from all over the region to come together and share their tips and tricks as well as many success stories. Viora’s Clinical team will focus on a full educational didactic, practice development and hands on training to improve or perfect each operators technique and much more.

Introduction and Didactic

The first portion of our training event is devoted to educating our physicians and operators on Viora’s Proprietary Technology. We give a detailed presentation and go into full didactic to help maximize our operator’s knowledge on our systems. We will also cover safety and efficacy by sticking to our recommended protocols. Your complete overview will prepare you for the hands-on training that lies ahead.

Hands-On Training

After a delicious and productive working lunch, we fill your afternoon with hands-on training from our top Clinical Trainers in the US. Learn how to get the most out of your treatments, maximize results, tailor your treatments to each patient and really customize your treatments based on each client’s specific needs. Learn the best techniques for each protocol and all the ins and outs that ramp up the efficacy and safety of our device. Learn how to treat a variety of stubborn cosmetic concerns, from cellulite to hand rejuvenation.

Business Development Tips

Each office has its own unique style, patient selection and demographics. Make your investment work by learning business tips to help you maximize your experience with Viora. We will teach you how to handle phone inquiries, pricing and consultations to get the biggest return. We will help each operator feel comfortable talking about the treatments and answering all of the savviest patient’s questions. We will help each operator feel comfortable asking for the sell. Get the tools you need to grow your own practice with Viora. We will even give you fun hints on how to increase your social media presence to broaden your patient base.

Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Technology

If you thought that was all, we’ve got more exciting news! Stick around for our cocktail hour and a sneak peek at some of our newest technologies. Stay on the cutting edge of cosmetic treatments by learning what is currently in development and what products are about to be introduced to the market.

Networking Advantages

With a complimentary lunch, refreshments and a cocktail hour, you will have plenty of time to network with representatives of Viora as well as other professionals in your field. Use our working lunch break to ask questions about your Viora devices. Get feedback and share ideas with other providers that have experienced success with their Viora products. Together we can help you maximize your Viora experience and we are excited to bring this exciting training into your area!

All of our training events are free of charge and packed with everything you need to make your Viora investment a successful one. To learn more about our training events, contact Viora at ClinicalUSA@Vioramed.com.

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