The insider edition of how to keep ‘Red Carpet Ready’ all year long!

We’ve heard celebrities give us their usual tips…lots of yoga and water, relaxing massages. Yawn. We want the nitty-gritty, all the details of what they do and when they do it! Well, since we’re not celebrities, we can only imagine the regime that’s taking years off their appearance and keeping their skin fresh and dewy-looking. Here’s what Viora would recommend, if we were walking the red carpet this season! …or if we just wanted to look fabulous, every single day of our lives.

First and foremost, we agree with the red carpet goers – get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water every day to stay hydrated! We cannot stress the benefits of plenty of sleep and staying hydrated enough. We’d go into it, but we’re sure you’ve heard it a million times.

Concerned about a little jiggle? Stop worrying and start treating it! Viora’s cellulite and circumferential reduction treatments are painless and relaxing, while shrinking fat cells. Plus, treatments stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system, helping to drain out excess fluid banishing bloat! With treatments done every week, you’ll start to see results in no time. This is where staying hydrated comes into play as the Radiofrequency that helps to minimize your cellulite is attracted to water. So drink up!
reaction 1Judging your jowls? Fret not friends!  We have an extraordinary non-invasive facelift that will turn your frown upside down. Nine weeks prior to your event book your first ReLift treatment. ReLift is uses RF energy to shrink fat cells around your jawline and tighten any loose or sagging skin, bringing back that long forgotten jawline!

Relift 1

Dull skin got you down? No problem! Talk with your practitioner about enhancing your treatments with Microdermabrasion. First, it sloughs off dead skin allowing your Viora treatments to better penetrate. Second, the suction helps stimulate collagen and lymphatic drainage, upping the efficacy of your treatment as a whole, Plus, leaving your skin glowing, and you feeling less bloated! How does it get any better than that?
Pristine 1So there you have it. You might not be walking the red carpet this year, but with Viora’s treatments, you can definitely look like you are!

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