Launch of MyViora

MyViora launches, making the purchase process for North American customers even simpler

If you want to buy a video or groceries online, it’s only a click away. Buying consumables and marketing material online, however, hasn’t been as simple. Now that’s changed, thanks to Viora Inc.’s launch of MyViora, for North American customers.

MyViora image“MyViora allows US and Canadian customers to order online, at the time of their choosing,” said Danielle Styron, who manages the MyViora website. “Gone are the days of faxing or phoning orders in. Now Viora Inc. customers can order any time, any day of the week.”

MyViora is an online store but it goes well beyond that. There are FAQs, with answers from the US Viora team, to make things easier. And if your question isn’t included in the FAQs, or you just want that personal touch to your question, MyViora also includes Skype chat or email assistance with the Customer Care department or Tech Support (for questions of a more technical nature), who will respond as soon as humanly possible.

That’s only the beginning. Soon, you’ll have exclusive access to the Viora Support Program, where you will find a plethora of tools to assist your practice. This will range from marketing material to guidelines for patient consultations and treatments.

MyViora’s not difficult to use. You simply create an account, browse the available items adding those desired to your basket, and choose your preferred payment and delivery method. Perhaps that’s why Styron uses words like “effortless” and “hassle-free” when discussing MyViora.

“MyViora was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind,” said Styron.

The use of MyViora for North American customers is already free and convenient. However, we’re giving the readers of this blog an additional incentive to use the site. Enter the code “Vblog” in the discount code tab on the checkout page to receive a one-time 10 percent discount on any purchase. So not only is the process simpler, but you’re paying less.

Check out MyViora to see how we’re simplifying your business – saving you time to do the work you do best!

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