Red Carpet Treatment with Viora!

Award season is upon us and while most people are making their predictions as to who will be winning the big prize, or checking out the glam dresses and seeing who’s wearing which designer, here at Viora, we’re thinking about something else:

Who on the red carpet has had treatments with Reaction!?!

Allure magazine has spoken to Dr. Harold Lancer, LA-based dermatologist who treats the stars of Hollywood. While not mentioning names, he says:

What does your pre-Oscars treatment entail? “One month out, patients will come in once a week for gentle micro-polishing followed by five to 10 minutes of red or blue LED light treatments. The blue is for oily or acne prone skin and the red is for skin that needs plumping and soothing. Then two weeks out, they’ll get two different facials a week—either a ‘vegan facial’ with algae stem cells, or a stem cell or placenta stem cell facial that are sheep based. When applied topically, they’re nourishing and increase collagen production. They’ll also do a toning or lifting procedure—like Viora—to firm and lift the eyebrows, jaw, and neck.”

Reaction™’s results for facial contouring and skin tightening are so natural looking, it will be hard to know exactly who had the treatments. However, we’ll be sure to be watching the show!

Dr. Lancer will be appearing next week on Access Hollywood to discuss the benefits of Reaction™ – stay tuned!

To read the full article, click here.

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