The Success of ReFit


There’s nothing more gratifying and exciting for us at Viora than to hear about the many, ongoing successes with ReFit – the leading non-invasive treatment to address loose and sagging skin, painlessly and effectively, with no downtime.

We received a letter from a patient in Florida and had to share!

In June of 2012 I went to see Dr. Daniel Man for a consultation for liposuction on my stomach, arms and legs. I was told that I did not have fat, but in fact, it was stretched skin from weight loss. He suggested I try ReFit for arms and legs and suggested tummy tuck for my stomach. Not wanting to go through surgery I asked if I could try ReFit for my stomach as well.  After only one session I saw an amazing difference on my stomach.  Clothes that were too tight, now fit. I felt like the incredible shrinking woman. I have since done my arms and thighs and have the very same results. Imagine how happy I am not to have had major surgery and still see such wonderful results. I see results even weeks after I stop the treatment on that area. It is truly amazing. I am looking forward to doing my neck and face. Thank you inventors of ReFit and my wonderful aesthetician, Rachel.

Rachel and Dr. Man in Florida are doing wonderful work on Reaction patients, as are clinicians across the globe. See below a small sample of ReFit before and after images.

For more information on Reaction, click here!







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