The Biggest Loser and ReFit – the perfect team!

What started in the U.S has now spread all over the globe reaching the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Ukraine, and more. “The Biggest Loser”, the extraordinarily popular television show that revolves around overweight contestants competing to lose the most weight, offering winners a grand cash prize, although contestants say the real prize is the new life and self-awareness they acquire.

The weight-loss reality show is all about records. In past seasons of the original U.S version, new benchmarks were repeatedly set: heaviest contestant (454, 476 and 526 pounds), fastest 100-pound weight loss (seven weeks), and most weight lost in one week (34 pounds).

How do they do it? Contestants work out five to six hours a day, eating strictly supervised diets. This allows them to routinely drop double-digit pounds each week, leaving the contestant who loses the smallest percentage of body weight to be sent home – in most cases, with a new found motivation to continue on their weight loss journey.

The show took on a mission to combat the obesity epidemic around the world by showing contestants and viewers an alternative of taking control of your weight. While body mass index (BMI) can be reduced there are some aspects of rapid weight loss that are a bit more problematic: Sagging body skin: Rapid weight loss more than often leaves one’s body with excess skin which does not remodulate and firm up. This is usually most apparent around the under-arm, tummy, thighs and neck, leaving an unfinished look to a highly motivated weight loss success.


Refit , powered by Reaction, is the newest concept from Viora to treat excess skin after extreme weight loss, whether that loss is by diet, exercise, surgical intervention or childbirth. Refit utilizes four modes of non invasive radiofrequency (RF) targeting different tissue depths accompanied by vacuum therapy to ensure deeper heat penetration. This restores collagen flexibility while improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity- achieving an overall body contouring effect.

Viora has had the opportunity to treat contestants from The Biggest Loser for just that problem and the results are amazing!

E.G., a 33 years old mother of 2, recent finalist on a Israeli version of “The Biggest Loser”, and a ReFit patient speaks about her experience:

“I was always overweight growing up and always thought of myself as overweight. Being a contestant of The Biggest Loser was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I lost 42kg in 9 months and went from an overweight mother to one who was fit, in shape, caring about exercise, nutrition and the importance this has in my life. The trainers were incredible and helped me at every step. They identified my weaknesses and helped me change the way I thought about everything, food, working out, how I view myself in the mirror, etc. They gave me the tools to continue this lifestyle on my own.

Everything is easier now – it’s changed everything about how I think about myself and my relations with others, especially my children. I would not have been able to do it without The Biggest Loser. It took me about 14 months from start to finish to lose around 52kg. I’ve gained about 7-8 kilograms back in the following year but since then I’ve been keeping the weight off.

From all the yo-yo diets in the past, and from my recent pregnancy with my son, my body was a mess. I did some research on what was available out there and I was ready for the next challenge!

I had treatments on my underarms and stomach – each area took 20min each session. After only four treatments the results are great and I’m excited as to how ReFit will change my life. I’ve seen a real difference in the loose skin on my stomach and arms. These areas look smoother and firmer.”

So to all you ambitious “Biggest Loser” contestants and viewers – don’t let the fear of sagging skin hold you back, give it your all and make a change in the way you see yourselves and keep up the good work!

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