Permanent Solution to Cellulite?

Unfortunately for over 85% women with cellulite, the answer is no, there’s no permanent solution. But Viora is working hard to provide a solution in this fat fight!

 As discussed in American Health & Beauty, Reaction uses radio-frequency energy to attack the irregular fat cells on the multiple layers of skin. This results in both mid-dermal and subcutaneous fat cells being targeted. As Dr. Neil Saddick comments, “Patients are able to see results relatively soon and regular maintenance is simple. Most patients see significant results after 2 or 3 treatment sessions.”

Below are actual Before & After images showing the results of treatment with Viora.

To read the entire article, click here!

5 thoughts on “Permanent Solution to Cellulite?

  1. Dry brushing can’t do anything to remove or reduce cellulite. The science behind it, though is that it exfoliates (removes dead cells) and can improve circulation (if you’re brushing so hard that it hurts, you could damage the skin so keep that it mind).

    1. I think this can be part of a holistic approach like you say to help with poor circulation which is definitely a causal connection to cellulite development. The users would be advised to also get into a diet program and exercise regiment that focuses on the specific muscle groups which support the skin.

      You all can check out more on how to exactly do this here:

  2. I think of cellulite as this mystical issue, how ever truthfully it is nothing other then regular fat cells that are causing the dimpled appearance we know as cellulite. Thankfully there are things you can do to treat it, and you don’t need to give up hope. This article explores you’re options for cellulite removal treatments.

  3. Well there seems to be a lot of displeasure with creams and topicals out there, but I think alot of that is unfounded. This is a a good product. Does it qualify as a cellulite reducer? Probably not in the strictest scientific sense, but it can help with the external appearance factors tremendously and fits in well with a concerted cellulite treatment program.

    Consider adding these exercises. We talk about them here in our blog. They will make a difference for you.


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