Practical Dermatology Follows Viora Progress


The March issue of Practical Dermatology has a special update regarding energy-based technologies, including coverage of ongoing Viora studies of RF Reduction and Tightening. You can read the excerpt here:

Viora: Studies of RF Reduction and Tightening Underway


A study of cellulite reduction treatment using the multifrequency RF Reaction™ is now underway, according to Viora. The study, which commenced last fall, involves the first and only multi-frequency radio-frequency cellulite treatment device available in the US. David J. Goldberg, MD is lead investigator for the study, which Viora says “will contribute to the clinical evolution of the Reaction, and will enable Viora to optimize treatment protocols further.”

Compared to single-frequency devices, the Reaction’s targeted multi-frequency RF capability is intended to provide practitioners flexibility to treat and cover a greater spectrum of cellulite conditions and their triggers.


Another study, to assess the safety and efficacy of the Reaction with the ST Applicator for temporary improvement in facial wrinkles, has nearly completed enrollment. Neil Sadick, MD is the investigator for the study, which now has some subjects with up to six months of follow-up. Clinically, physicians report use of the device for post operative irregularities, loose neck skin, and other tightening procedures.

For the complete article visit Practical To view the PDF version with images, click here.

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