Viora Is Now Available in Croatia and Armenia


Viora is proud to announce and congratulate two new prominent distributors, Ms. Sanja Delisimunovic, director of Delani Ltd. in Croatia and Ms. Anna Arakelyan in Armenia.

Croatia – A distinguished and thriving company, Delani Ltd. specializes in the distribution of high quality devices in the medical aesthetic field. With many years of experience, Delani Ltd. offers comprehensive solutions for the end-user, making Delani Ltd. the preferred partner for clients nationwide.

Armenia Ms. Anna Arakelyan is a prominent representative for leading brands in cosmeceutical and medical equipment and has gained the support of numerous distinguished doctors in the region. She has substantial presence in the market, with television appearances and contributions to several publications. Ms. Anna Arakelyan is launching the Viora brand through an introductory training seminar on the product line in Yerevan, Armenia on March 24, 2011.

Viora is thrilled to welcome these two new partners to our global network of strong distributors. We stand by our partners and are committed to providing first-rate systems, continued marketing support and the best technical service to our regional partners worldwide

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