My Personal Story As an Aesthetician




My name is Carolyn Stone and I would like to share my career story with you.

Carolyn Stone, LE
Carolyn Stone, LE

I am an Aesthetician living and working in Massachusetts.  After working for dermatologists and a prestigious spa in Newburyport for several years I decided to start my own spa.  My spa was nothing short of elegant.  Hardwood floors, silk drapes and furniture even nicer than what I had at home.  I had the clientele, experience, wonderful location, and I knew that I was a good Aesthetician.  So, what more did I need?
After about a year into it, I felt like there was something missing.  It wasn’t until I closed my doors that I realized my business just couldn’t survive on the typical esthetic treatments that I learned in school. Clients were looking for more and I didn’t have the high tech equipment that is available to estheticians that could increase my revenue.

That’s when I met Andrea Bingham, an Electrologist and day spa owner who was looking for an Aesthetician.  Andrea’s Spa was using an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for hair removal as well as some other high tech equipment for various skin conditions.  After working with Andrea for a while, I understood what was missing in my business and why hers prospered.  Now, whenever I talk about my experience, I tell colleagues, with confidence, that if I had it to do over again, I would open a smaller, cozier spa and focus on having the equipment that clients are looking for today.

The good news is that today, if you are a licensed Cosmetologist or Aesthetician in Massachusetts, you are approved by the Board of Registration of Cosmetology to use Intense Pulse Light in your practice for the removal of hair only. Here is what I found:


“The Board has been made aware of the increasing popularity in other states of non-laser Intense Pulse Light (“IPL”) Devices.…. Therefore, because of the apparent safety of these devices, the Board will approve the use of IPL devices for the removal of hair only by its licensees in appropriately licensed salons.…. Salons which wish to utilize these devices must abide by the following guidelines:
• You must notify the Board of your location and floor plan

• You must provide the Board with a copy of the User Manual for your IPL

• You must only perform Hair Removal with your IPL

• Show proof of training from either the company that sold your equipment or other IPL professional training  (see Training and Education below)

Click Here to read the full policy on the Government’s website.

The best news of all about this piece of legislation is that, now, you can afford the equipment too!

Recently VIORA introduced an advanced IPL that anyone can afford, the Trios™.  Developed by an R&D team with over four decades of engineering experience and know-how in light-based systems, Trios™ is a phototherapy system that offers trusted clinically proven technology at an affordable price. And for Aestheticians, the company offers special promotions as no paid consumable.

If you are interested to learn more about IPL in general, or more specifically about the Trios, feel free to contact me or Andrea at any time.

Carolyn Stone, LE    978-518-0118
Andrea Bingham, RE  617-257-1085

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