Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – Post #5

Susan Treatment #5:
Susan has been exhibiting great progress over the course of her treatments. There has been a vast improvement in the tightness and quality of her skin. Susan told her technician that she feels so much better in her clothes and her jeans are fitting better and better every week. Susan’s had a ½ inch reduction in the size of each thigh until now.

Susan Treatment #6:
Susan continues to display great progress throughout her treatments. Susan mentioned that she is really satisfied with the quality of her skin and the tightness of her thighs which was her main concern coming in. Her technician, Jennifer, noticed that she still has a small amount of cellulite in the area and recommended that she come back for an additional treatment.

Susan Treatment #7:
Today was Susan’s final treatment. She has had optimal results over the past seven weeks. Her skin is firmer and tighter, and she has nearly no more cellulite in the area. After her last treatment Susan told her technician at Lasertouch Soho that she feels great and can’t believe the wonderful improvement in the overall appearance of her thighs and butt.

Susan's Before and After Picture

Lisa Treatment #5
We are thrilled to report that Lisa has virtually no cellulite left in the treatment areas. She has had excellent progress throughout the course of treatments and is extremely pleased with the outcome. Lisa’s technician mentioned that Lisa told her that her weekly appointments at Lasertouch Soho are the highlight of her week and she looks forward to her sessions! Keep enjoying your progress, and we look forward to your next treatment!!

Lisa Treatment #6:
This was Lisa’s final treatment for cellulite reduction. She has nearly no visible cellulite left in the area and her skin is undoubtedly tighter. When asked what she thought about the overall experience with Lasertouch Soho and the Reaction, she said she couldn’t be happier with the results!! She mentioned how she’d done it all because of a destination wedding she had to attend and it was well worth it.

Lisa's Before and After Picture

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