Wish Come True: Cellulite Banished!

source: www.sheckys.com

It’s 11/11, and although I love my body, there’s something I’ve always wished for: skinny, cellulite-free legs. In 10th grade, my crush told me that I had a “badonkadonk” and then explained that it meant I had a big butt. I’ve been self-conscious about the whole butt/thigh area of my body ever since. It’s because my crush was right: I had the butt, the thighs…and the unfortunate cellulite to go along with the whole package.

Despite being active, in-shape and an avid runner before during and after the aforementioned incident, I still found myself with the dreaded dimpled gooseflesh. No all-veggie diet, hour-long runs or 25th rep could combat it. So when I found out about Cellulite Reduction Viora Reaction at beauty industry veteran Jennifer Kandemir’s Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc., I was all for giving it a go. The treatment is renowned for treating cellulite, skin-tightening and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

The technician who worked on me explained that a vacuum-like device would more or less suck the fat out of my body. Awesome, right? Kind of like lipo for the less brave—until I realized that my eczema, keratosis pilaris and psoriasis prone skin might not take well to it. Imagine my amazement when I was told the treatment could actually make my skin appear healthier since it increases local blood circulation. Aside from an awkward, pinching feeling and an odd pounding sound from the machine, my experience was quite comfortable. My ultra sensitive skin was not irritated at all—sure, a bit pink for a few minutes, but sans anything unusual.

Fast forward a few hours and I couldn’t believe how incredibly smooth and tightened the back of my thighs and bum (my “problem area,” remember?) felt. Even a few days later, I still feel like my thighs are sleeker. And yes, my chronically dry skin actually feels replenished. After years of wishing I could steal some other girl’s dimple-free legs, I’ve actually done it.

The damper on my sorta-skinny thighs is that they won’t last forever, and it takes a few treatments to achieve long-lasting results. While it was nice to have a temporary reduction of something I’ve always wished would go away, I’m debating going in for other treatments or sticking to my usual miracle cream Bliss Fatgirlslim All Day Dimple Dashing Duo ($60, and a Beauty at Its Best Award Winner for Best Anti-Cellulite Product) to diminish the dimples.

Today, 11/11 (get it, 11:11 make a wish?!), I know there are some beauty issues that annoy you. How do you handle them? I’d like to thank Jennifer Kandemir and all the other woman who have created beauty products and treatments. You are heroes in your own right!

For the best miracle cures in everything from fine lines to an at-home laser hair removal you can do yourself (psst: Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc. is renowned for doing it professionally!), check out our extensive 2010 Beauty at Its Best Awards.

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