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Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification



By now, everyone that has ever worked with an IPL is well aware of the importance in understanding and recognizing the skin type they will be treating.  Working with the TRIOS is no different in that aspect, but what the TRIOS can do for you, is simplify the process with its intuitive software.  The practitioner must choose light, medium or dark for skin type and the TRIOS will do the rest.  Below, you’ll find useful information on the importance of knowing and using the Fitzpatrick scale.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification system was developed in 1975 by Harvard Medical School dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD. This system classifies complexions and their tolerance of sunlight. It is used by many skin care professionals in order to determine how someone will respond or react to facial treatments.

This scale focuses on potentials for irritation—burns—and hyperpigmentation. Both can be good indicators of treatment choices. For example, Fitzpatrick skin type I clients have a greater tendency toward irritation, but less, theoretically, for developing hyperpigmentation, if it is not triggered. Conversely, the Fitzpatrick skin type VI client will not be as easily irritated and will have an inordinately high tendency toward pigmentation.

Type Color Burns Tans
I Very fair Always Never
II Fair Usually With Difficulty
III Normal/White Sometimes Average
IV Slightly Dark Rarely With Ease
V Dark Very Rarely Very Easily
VI Very Dark/Black Does not Burn Very Easily

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Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – Post #3

VioraSeptember 3rd, 2010

Mini Case Study – 3rd post

Lisa Treatment #3:

Lisa is really starting to see noticeable improvements in the tightness of her skin. She enjoys the treatments and does not feel any discomfort during, even at the highest settings which is not for everyone. Her technician works aggressively to attack cellulite at its source. Due to her progress, her skin heated up faster than previous treatments indicating that her body is responding well to the Reaction.

All the best Lisa!!


Natalie Treatment #3:

We are excited to report that since Natalie began treatments with Reaction, she has lost nearly ½ an inch on her thighs. That is great progress!!

For her third treatment, the technician began the session with the highest vacuum level.  This time, boosted by the positive results, her technician chose to stay at that level for the duration of her treatment. Although overall Natalie felt little discomfort, she did have some sensitivity on her right leg during the treatment.  Her technician predicted that she might have some slight bruising on that side, but after following up with Natalie, we learned that she didn’t have any post-treatment bruising at all.

Great Progress!!!


Susan Treatment #3:

Susan is experiencing great results over the course of her treatments. There is noticeable tightening of the skin and she commented that her jeans are fitting her a little better. Her technician reported that Susan is responding very well to the treatment, has not had any bruising even after raising the vacuum level even further. Susan is a great example of a good candidate for treatment regardless of age.

Great Progress Susan!!

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