Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – 2nd Post

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August 19th, 2010

Mini Case Study – 2nd post

Lisa Treatment #2:

Lisa enjoys the Reaction treatment very much. Throughout the treatment she kept saying that it felt like a really great shiatsu massage. When the LaserTouch Soho technician asked Lisa if they could increase the suction level, Lisa welcomed the idea and enjoyed the treatment even more!!

Lisa noticed a small improvement in her skin’s tightness since the first treatment. Congratulations on your success Lisa!!

Here are Lisa’s pictures. Great improvement! The appearance of Cellulite on the left leg is almost gone!

Natalie Treatment #2:

Natalie enjoyed treatment #2 very much.  Although the technician increased the suction level for this treatment, Natalie felt much less discomfort than she did during her first treatment. She felt very calm and relaxed throughout and even dozed off for a moment. She did not notice a very big improvement since the first treatment, however, the technician explained to her that it is perfectly normal not to see results right away, which put her at ease.

We look forward to your success Natalie!!!

Susan Treatment #2:

Susan enjoyed her second treatment very much. Her treatment began using a higher vacuum setting than the first treatment since she showed no bruising, however, she experienced slight discomfort which her technician told her was because of her skin’s laxity.  Her technician determined, that moving forward with Susan’s treatments, she would stick with the lower setting to minimize discomfort.  Susan did not bruise after this treatment and has noticed an improvement laxity of her skin.

Great Progress Susan!!

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