Reducing Cellulite Mini Case Study – Viora and LaserTouch Soho

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Mini Case Study Overview:

Viora and LaserTouchSoho are conducting a mini case study following the progress of four women’s six-week treatment regimen to reduce cellulite with Viora’s Reaction system. The women’s age and fitness level varies.  We will post her results and observations to the revolutionary new Reaction™ aesthetic system.

The Reaction™ works by combining radio frequency energy, heat, and suction to attack cellulite deep within the layers of your skin.  The Reaction™ by Viora offers lasting results after the series of treatments and will require only 1 to 2 maintenance treatments.

What sets the Viora Reaction™ treatment apart from other cellulite reduction treatments is that it attacks the cellulite condition with varying frequencies (modes) penetrating the different depths of the tissue.  It also has another mode which combines these frequencies together.

A cellulite treatment begins with the fourth mode, which typically lasts about five minutes.  This mode works to raise the temperature of the skin to the proper range for the treatment to be effective.  The second stage is the longest, lasting about ten minutes. During this stage, the energy penetrates the deepest, focusing on the cellulite layer. The latter stage of the treatment uses the other modes, or frequencies for a short during lasting only two minutes each in order to focus on smoothing the texture of the cellulite.

At the end of the treatment, you can continue your normal daily routines.


Natalie is in her early twenties and her weight has caused her suffering for much of her life. Recently, she began developing cellulite on her buttocks and the back of her thighs. She was approached by Lasertouch Soho to participate in this case study. We will track her results during the six-week treatment.

For the majority of the time during her first treatment, Natalie claims to have really enjoyed the treatment, comparing it to a deep tissue massage. There were points where the heat became a little intense which brought about minimal pain which was easily tolerable.  However, for the most part she did not find the process painful because the aesthetician tailored the treatment to her comfort level.

During her consultation, Natalie expressed concern over her tendency to bruise easily, however she did not experience any bruising or unpleasant side effects as a result of the treatment.  Good Luck, we can’t wait to see your progress!!


Lisa is in her late twenties. She is in fairly good shape and is at a healthy weight for her height and frame. Although Lisa is moderately active she suffers from small pockets of cellulite on the backs of her thighs.

Lisa enjoyed the cellulite treatment very much and even commented that she would love to take the machine home with her. She found the process very therapeutic and relaxing.

Lisa did not complain about any pain or bruising following the treatment. She is looking forward to her next session and we look forward to her progress.

Best of Luck Lisa!!


Susan is in her early 60’s and is of average build and healthy body weight. After seeking many ways to rid herself of the cellulite on the back of her thighs, she approached the professionals at Laser Touch Soho. After her consultation, due to her age and sensitivity to bruising, her technician chose to begin her treatments on lower vacuum setting. We are happy to report that Susan has not experienced any bruising or discomfort after her first treatment.

We look forward to seeing her results!!

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