Energy bursts to tighten skin without surgery

Source:, 27 channel, ABC

Phyliss Cunningham’s advertising career puts her in the spotlight.

Phyllis Cunningham “I have to go to a meeting, and I can’t be in my 50s, I have to be in my 40s to deal with 30 year olds who think they know it all!”

To maintain her looks, Phyllis is getting a skin-tightening treatment, called the viora reaction. It can offer up to three types of radiofrequency energy at once.

Dr Neal Sadick explains, “This is a unique profile, having the capability to have more than one radiofrequency energy level and capability to do the radiofrequency to different levels is a very advanced, again, second generation part of this technology.”

The energy control allows doctors to better target the treatment.

“So you are basically customizing the treatment for your particular body and your particular body part that you want to try to tighten.” says Dr. Sadick.

The energy burst triggers an initial tightening of existing collagen, but also sets off wound-healing.

Dr. Sadick says, “That wounding response actually causes your body to stimulate new cells, called fibroblasts, bring them to the area that’s heated, and those fibroblasts are the major cells that produce new collagen.”

Those fibroblasts work for months to prompt the skin tightening effect.

Dr. Sadick says, “You continue to tighten your collagen bundles, and that leads to improvement that continues for up to twelve months after a single treatment session.”

Results Phyliss hopes will help keep her at the head of the pack.

Treatments typically cost about $1,000 dollars each, though most doctors offer packages to bring down the cost. Depending on what you want to have done, four to eight 15-minute sessions are needed.

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