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Have you wondered about the difference between Skin Rejuvenation (IPL) and Skin Tightening (RF) treatment?

If you have, Viora‘s clinical team has put together the following for you.

The difference between Skin Rejuvenation (IPL) and Skin Tightening (RF) treatment?

Skin Rejuvenation (SR)

SR treatments are indicated to improve the overall appearance and quality of the skin. SR treatments normally address the dermal and epidermal layers as a whole without specific target cells. SR treatments can be performed in several modalities; microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation), chemical peels, laser resurfacing and IPL.

IPL SR treatments

Target cells for IPL SR treatments are the skin cells in the dermis. The purpose of the IPL SR treatment is to increase the temperature in the dermal layer in order to create a controlled tissue trauma and encourage the body’s healing process by producing new skin cells.
Research has shown that exposing the skin cells to a temperature of 580C and above for one second leads to thermal damage, resulting in replacement of the cells with newer ones (Figure 1).
With the Trios™ IPL system, the skin temperature rises to ~650C for 25msec, and repetitive heating of the same tissue produces adaptive (cumulative) results leading to optimal rejuvenation without removal or burning of the epidermal layer (unlike peeling or exfoliating rejuvenation treatments which injure the epidermis layer).
As during the IPL SR treatment we are replacing skin cells, the amount and quality of elastic fibers or collagen are not increased or improved. The skin’s general appearance is improved but this outcome should be maintained frequently to continue replacing the dermal cells.

Figure 1: Normal human skin cells were exposed to 620C for 1 second and examined after 24 hours. Cells were stained with LIVE/DEAD Kit to differentiate live (green) from dead (red) cells. In the control (Right) all the cells were alive, while after the exposure to 620C (Left) only 20% of the cells remained alive.

Skin Tightening (ST) with RF-based treatments

ST treatments differ from SR treatments in the purpose of the treatment and target cells. The purpose of ST treatments is to encourage the production of elastic fibers and connective tissue to improve skin elasticity.

RF based ST treatments

Target cells for the ST treatments are fibroblast cells located in the dermis. According to the stress model; to encourage fibroblast activity and gene expression of Collagen Type I and Type III, fibroblast cells must be heated to a temperature of 42°C for 4 minutes consecutively. The result of this process is popularly known as Collagen remodeling.
Using the Reaction™ ST applicator we are employing electromagnetic energy to produce a heat effect in the dermis where fibroblast cells are located. The multiple passes over the treatment area assure the cells remain at the effective temperature for 4 minutes. As a result, fibroblast cells increase their activity both to produce new connective tissue and replace existing or damaged tissue. The total amount of collagen in the skin is therefore increased and collagen quality is improved.

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Viora Announces the Official Launch Date of the First and Only Multi-Frequency RF Device, Reaction™ at the AAD meeting on March 6th -8th, at Miami Beach, FL

Viora, a leading medical aesthetic manufacturer, announces today the official launch date of the Reaction™ – the new generation in Body Contouring and Skin Tightening! The launch will take place at the AAD annual meeting and exhibition, Miami Beach Exhibition Center, Miami Beach FL, March 6th – 8th, booth #1181.

The Reaction™ ( is the first and only FDA cleared bipolar RF device with multi frequency and vacuum therapy for body contouring, offering the medical professional an unheard of level of control and the precision to target specific depths, a combination that delivers immediately visible results.

The availability of different frequencies optimizes the thermal effect at different tissue depths and improves treatment accuracy and offers flexibility by providing 144 treatments combination for the practitioner.

Watch an Introduction Video About the Reaction:

In addition, due to its unique technology, Reaction™’s treatments are comfort for the patient. Reaction’s applicators unique design makes the treatment smooth and relaxing for the patient. Light and easy to operate, the Reaction’s non labor intensive applicators enable the practitioner to schedule treatments one after the other as well as ensure better treatment results.

“We are confident in the Reaction™’s ability to bring a true revolution in body contouring treatments and we are witness to incredible results every day,” says Viora CEO Josef Luzon in a press release.

In clinical tests, patients who underwent a skin tightening treatment course demonstrated an 81 percent improvement in wrinkles and skin laxity. A similar study evaluated the performance of CORE™ technology for cellulite reduction where patients showed a 55 percent improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

The Reaction™ has been selling globally for over a year and recently received FDA clearance and Health Canada certification, and is now available for sale in North America as well.

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