Welcome to Vioramed’s Blog!

Welcome to Vioramed’s Blog.

Viora (www.vioramed.com) is a market-leading manufacturer and technology provider of microdermabrasion, electro-mesotherapy, light-based and advanced radiofrequency systems for the global aesthetic and medical markets. All of the products are developed by a team of veteran engineers in the industry as well as medical experts including physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical researchers and independent clinical directors. 

Viora’s know-how is based on the strategic combination of rooted knowledge, indispensable industry experience, and a deep understanding of the practitioner’s needs, that together, empower Viora with the ability to respond to dynamic market needs for the development of innovative technologies.

Viora is establishing this blog to facilitate discussions about trends, breakthroughs, and the needs of the medical aesthetic market.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Vioramed’s Blog!

  1. Just being introduce into the business of aesthetics and want to participate in all activities promoted by this blog. I’m looking forward to provide our professionals and growing health tourist segment in Central America with the best products and knowledge available in the industry I’m proud to have Viora in my list of products and as the leader in the categoru

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