Viora Welcomes Mr. Josef Ran as Chairman of the Board

Business veteran to aid Viora’s global expansion & growth

Viora Inc. announced today the appointment of Mr. Josef Ran as Chairman of Viora’s Board of directors. Mr. Ran will lead Viora’s continual technological development while helping to navigate opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

“Viora is incredibly fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated individual leading its board of directors,” said Mr. Eliran Almog.  “Mr. Ran brings a plethora of knowledge and influence, which will serve as the cornerstone to Viora’s long term goals of leading the medical aesthetic field.”

Mr. Ran is a seasoned investor and business mentor, with over 40 years of experience in high-tech industries and recent experience as Chairman of Elbit Vision Systems, Chairman of Palsan Sasa Ltd, and Strategic Advisor to the Israeli Chief Scientist at the Ministry of economics.

Josef Ran.jpgMr. Ran commented on his appointment, expressing “I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise to keep Viora ahead of the surging growth and demand in the medical aesthetic market, and contribute to the development of leading, innovative technologies”.

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3 things you should know about V-FORM


V-FORM by Viora brings highly advanced & clinically proven cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and body contouring treatments to your practice. With demand for non-invasive solutions to fight the signs of aging and the effects of gravity continually growing, there has never been a better time to position yourself for success grow your business to new heights.

  1. More Patients, More Treatments: V-FORM’s advanced CORE™ technology with 4 separate RF modes enables lightning fast treatment times while retaining the ability to deliver energy at specific penetration levels, depending on the presented symptoms.

    Interchangeable applicators allow you to provide a complete solution and perform treatments on both the body and face. These smart design features combine to give you a powerful, fast ROI handpiece that can attract strong demand for your practice.

  2. No Pain, All Gain: V-FORM delivers long lasting, life changing results, without the need for any incisions or anesthesia. RF energy works on the sub-dermal level stimulating collagen production, restoring skin elasticity, and blasting away fat cells.

    Not only are treatments entirely painless, but built in mechanisms ensure the highest levels of patient safety and comfort, while still providing lightning fast treatment times.

  3. A Business Partner That Won’t Let You Down: 
    With compatibility across Viora’s entire V-Series platforms, V-FORM grows with your business, and saves you from reinvesting in equipment as you build your customer base.

    V-FORM is also backed by complete clinical training for your entire team, global marketing with extensive reach, plus ongoing technical support.

dr-lehavit-akermanDon’t just take our word for it: “The V-FORM handpiece by Viora has been one of the best investments for my practice, and for my patients seeking circumferential and fat reduction treatments. 

The simple and intuitive to use handpiece not only obliterates fat but has the added benefit of delivering reductions in sagging skin and cellulite thanks to Multi-CORE technology.

Treatments are pain-free, can be completed during a lunch break, and results are instant and long lasting – feedback from patients so far has been wonderful” – Dr. Lehavit Akerman’

Contact a Viora representative for a demo, and bring the power of V-FORM to your practice.

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Viora – Helping to Shape Your Future

One of the highest priorities for Viora is ensuring your success.  In fact, Viora’s core principals are focused on achieving excellence, changing lives, and delivering the highest revenue growth and business success in the challenging medical aesthetic market.

Viora’s places great value on the deep connection with our global partners, offering complete clinical training and certification, marketing support and dedicated materials with customized content, plus elite sales assistance to ensure sustained and profitable growth.

Recently, we created a dedicated waiting room video for V-FORM, the industry’s leading cellulite reduction, body contouring and skin tightening handpiece, in order to continue to provide valuable tools and resources to Viora’s global network.  Take a look at some behind the scenes photos of the production crew at work:


If you haven’t seen the video, be sure to click the link below – don’t forget to share with your contacts, tell us what you thought about the video in the comments section, and be sure to give the video a like!

Viora’s V-FORM handpiece is clinically proven, with a 100% response rate and exceptional results for high BMI patients. With integrated Multi-CORE technology, you have complete heating depth control for a total body solution with the safest treatment profile.

Bring the power of V-FORM to your clinic – Request a demo by filling out the below form:

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Operator Spotlight: Denise Romero – Wow Me Med Spa

Denise Romero, a master aesthetician and certified laser specialist from Wow Me Med Spa in Niwot Colorado has had her practice now for 4 years and has worked with Viora’s system ever since. She uses Viora’s V20, Reaction, Trios and Pristine and out of all 4 devices, she loves the V20!

Denise recently treated one of her clients with the ST on the Reaction (also available as V-ST on the V20), and has mentioned this being her favorite treatment to offer. She also mentioned that she loves working with Viora; “I love the personal attention I receive from the company, they are the only company that truly is a lifetime partner, always available by phone, email or Skype. I love the support Viora has given my Spa, it’s so simple and effortless. Feels good to have somebody on your side at all times it really makes a big difference.”

Valentina of Boulder Colorado, one of Denise’s clients says “The Viora Reaction has changed my life! I had a series of eight treatments and now over a year later I am still seeing results. I do an ‘up keep’ every 4-5 months and feel this was life-changing, there was no downtime, no pain and I was in and out within an hour. I love my results and I’m hooked for life, thank you, Denise and Viora.”


Valentina is 67 years old and as mentioned had 8 treatments with the ST applicator and Denise has been “so impressed to be able to offer Viora treatments with no downtime, no pain and the best part is making my clients feel and look good, it gives them confidence that they carry with them and show the world every day.”

Denise has also treated numerous clients with much success. Here we can see another client of hers after 8 treatments of ST on the eyes as well as our ReFit protocol on the lower face.


“From the start, I was very impressed with the results we were getting from day one. I was always skeptical of radiofrequency devices after working with others, but now I’m truly sold this is the gold standard for a new age of Radio Frequency skin tightening.” – Emily Wolgin, PA. Emily works with Denise as her medical director.


As a new V20 customer Denise mentions, “We now have the V-20 and are having just as great results with our V-IPL for acne, hair removal, and pigmented lesions.”

We can’t wait to see more wonderful results coming from this office. Thank you for sharing Denise!



Instagram: @wowmellc


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Reinvest in Your Practice With Section 179

There is just one month until the Section 179 December deadline! Take advantage of this IRS tax code to deduct the full purchase price of Viora’s clinically proven, innovative product line from your gross income.

With a deduction limit set to $500,000, you can save huge amounts of money while making a smart business investment that’s been carefully crafted to boost your revenue and give you the edge over your competitors.

Viora’s multi-technology devices have revolutionized aesthetic treatments around the world, offering practitioners a multi-purpose, expandable platform that delivers superior results for your patients. Viora’s V-Series line (V30, V20 and V10) work with individual handpieces, giving you two significant advantages:

  1. Handpieces are interchangeable between V-Series platforms, meaning you can expand your treatment menu with minimal investment and high ROI.
  2. The ability to perform combination treatment protocols incorporating multiple technologies, specially developed to deliver clinical efficacy of the highest standard.


Viora provides extensive clinical training plus full sales and marketing support to make it as easy as possible to implement Viora’s solutions into your practice. One of Viora’s fundamental tenets is that we are partners with our customers. This belief demands that we provide the best support and services for your clinic.

Contact us to see how you can take full advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for your business– email, call +1 201 332 4100 or ask for a free demo today!

For full details on how Section 179 works for you, visit

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CORE Technology – Everything You Need to Know


What is CORE?

CORE technology is a proprietary, bi-polar radio frequency technology developed by Viora. CORE stands for Channeling Optimized RF Energy, and has quickly become the gold standard in bi-polar radio frequency treatments, backed by extensive clinical research.

How does CORE work?

CORE splits RF energy into 3 dedicated channels: 0.8MHz, 1.7MHz and 2.45MHz as well as a multi-channel mode that combines all three frequencies together. Because each channel’s frequency have different levels of skin penetration, specific layers of the skin can be precisely targeted to reduce fat cell volume and increase the metabolism and optimize collagen remodeling, helping to restore skin elasticity and thicken the dermis. The result is firmer, smoother, more elastic skin.

What are the advantages of CORE?

CORE’s unique RF channeling ability provides three critical advantages:

  1. CORE treatments can be performed on facial areas including the forehead, jaw, and other boney areas, as well as the entire body including sensitive and hard to reach areas.
  2. Patients enjoy a treatment experience that is painless and provides instant, long term results without any downtime.
  3. Practitioners benefit from immensely precise and accurate delivery of RF energy with unparalleled levels of safety.

CORE technology has given hope to countless individuals around the world who are seeking a cost-effective, safe alternative to expensive, risky surgery.  No two individuals are the same, meaning no two patients should receive the same output from treatments. CORE eloquently addresses this issue by giving total customization and adjustability of treatment parameters to uniquely cater to each patient according to their symptoms, comfort zone and a host of other factors.

What kind of treatments can be performed with CORE?

CORE technology can be found in Viora’s leading handpieces V-FORM and V-ST, as well as in Reaction and V-Touch devices. Some of the specialist applications of CORE technology includes:

treatment types.jpg

Follow Viora on Facebook and Instagram for more great articles and information, or request a demo to see Viora’s CORE technology in action.

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Flawless Skin With V-IPL

blog top image.jpg

Today marks the start of autumn, a time of year your skin has been begging to arrive! While you’ve been enjoying beach trips and picnics under the sun, your skin has been trying to cope with extended exposure to the sun and increased temperatures throughout the summer months.

From wrinkles and fine lines to pigmentation, the effects of the sun can be far reaching leaving your skin looking dull and aged. With over 10 years of experience and clinical practice, Viora has crafted V-IPL – a single handpiece powered by proprietary PCR™ technology to deliver multiple treatments aimed at restoring balance and beauty to your skin and fight all photo-aging symptoms.

The results that can be achieved are not only astonishing, but there is zero downtime meaning you can bounce back with beautiful, healthy skin immediately after your treatment. Take advantage of the cooler weather and begin your healing process with Viora’s V-IPL handpiece.

Pigmentation – Your hands, face, chest, shoulders and décolleté all encounter increased exposure to the sun, often leading to the development of pigmentation spots. Viora’s V-IPL handpiece with dedicated pigmentation filter (VP 530nm) targets, heats and destroys concentrated melanin cells leaving clear, healthy skin in its place.

Vascular Lesions – Coming in many shapes and sizes, vascular lesions can form all over the body, often as a result of increased sun exposure. V-IPL can safely remove them, rejuvenating your skin and evening it’s tone by heating and destroying the hemoglobin commonly found in vascular lesions, veins, hemangioma and rosacea to name a few.

Skin Rejuvenation – Rid your skin of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines and achieve instant results with Viora’s V-IPL handpiece with SR 580nm filter, the perfect solution to bring your skin back to life after summer. By destroying the damage left from the photo-aging process, healthy skin is left to flourish giving you drastically improved skin.

V-IPL treatments are available at locations throughout the world.  Click here to find a provider near you, or contact us today and start giving your patients an instant, meaningful change.

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