Extra Brownie Points This Father’s Day

Every year we rack our brains for a unique and meaningful gift idea for Dad. Viora’s wide range of treatments can make a world of difference in rejuvenating and revitalizing both body and mind, which grows in importance as we fight the natural aging process.

There’s been a rise in the number of male clients requesting all sorts of treatments, and this trend continues to occur as social stigmas relating to cosmetic procedures for men continue to decline. This year, ditch the socks and slippers, and help the special man in your life re-gain confidence, composure and turn back the clock by booking a Viora aesthetic treatment at a location near you.

To achieve confidence, you need comfort and to feel good in your own skin. Help Dad spend less time plucking and shaving with an IPL hair removal treatment for hard to reach areas such as the back or shoulders. Viora’s innovative V-IPL handpiece uses advanced light technology combined with contact cooling PCRTM technology for safe applications on all skin types with rapid treatment times.


Most father’s will reach that point in life when it’s time to have a midlife crisis, often resulting in purchasing a motorcycle or convertible car, followed by long trips in the country under the open sky. While it may sound appealing on the outset, men commonly overlook even the most basic of sun safety during the hotter summer months, which can result in negative consequences to their skin. Viora’s V-FR handpiece can wipe away any age or sun spots that may have developed, instantly rejuvenating and refreshing his skin and overall look. The V-FR handpiece also does wonders for reducing the appearance of scars with outstanding results.


When trying to lose weight and achieve your ideal body shape, getting rid of those last few kilograms can be particularly challenging. Finding extra time to exercise or cutting out your favorite foods can be difficult, even at the best of times. With Viora’s
V-Form handpiece targeting fat at its core while firming and smoothing the skin, Dad can now achieve those final results he has been chasing.

Does Dad hide behind his beard? Give him that chiseled jaw line he’s always wanted with a ReLift treatment from Viora.  ReLift is the perfect alternative to surgery, reducing jowl line fat while giving that lifting effect previously only attainable in dreams. And best of all, it’s painless, requires no down time, and improves skin elasticity after a few treatments. Now Dad can be proud of his profile again.


Before you run out to the shops and scavenge through the typical gifts Dad has become accustomed to, consider the many treatments available from Viora and give the most important man in your life a gift he will remember forever.

Viora wishes all Dad’s around the world a meaningful and enjoyable Father’s day.  Contact us for more details about Viora’s leading aesthetic treatments.

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Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness month, and many don’t realize the struggles faced by those dealing with one of the most common skin problems. Affecting men and women of all ages, acne occurs due to an increased production of sebum combined with dead skin cells which clog pores and lead to a buildup of bacteria.

Acne can occur due to a multitude of reasons such as hormonal changes, genetics, medication, hygienic factors or nutrition, often having an impact on self-image and confidence. Acne Awareness month is a great time to make sure you’re in total control of your skin and improve it’s appearance with Viora’s leading acne treatments.

Defeat acne at its source with V-IPL and give yourself visibly improved skin texture, tone and complexion. Exploiting Viora’s 415nm wavelength filter, blue light IPL brings oxygen to bacteria causing it to die while allowing your skin to heal and rejuvenate.




Clinical studies have shown incredible results with an average clearance of 88.83% of acne lesions using this method.

To complete the fight against acne while obtaining the ultimate in blemish and oil control, look no further than Smooth™ applications from Viora’s leading electromesotherapy device, Infusion. With Infusions superior dermal delivery, Smooth™ is specially formulated to give you immediate results by decreasing sebum production and reducing the appearance of blemishes while gently exfoliating the skin.


Consisting of natural extracts and antibacterial ingredients, Smooth™ is suitable for all skin types and offers a real solution with proven results to all sufferers of acne.

In some cases, the effects of acne can last for many years in the form of scars.  Not only does Viora’s range of products and treatment cater for active acne treatment but it can also do wonders for reversing long-term damage such as scarring.


Viora’s fractional RF handpiece V-FR provides safe, comfortable treatments for acne scar clearance and skin resurfacing. This minimally invasive solution ensures you get the best possible results with minimal downtime.

  • Pro Tip: Ensure your skin looks and feels it’s best during the hotter summer months while reducing the likelihood of developing acne by following our Summer Skin Care Survival Tips.

Be sure to share this information with your family and friends, and help spread the message of Acne Awareness throughout June. For more information about Viora’s range of treatments for Acne and scarring, contact us today, or find a clinic near you.

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Making strides in France with hands on training

IMG-20160512-WA0024Earlier this month, Viora’s esteemed Dr. Cruzy Tagger conducted intensive clinical training in Montpellier, France. Members from Distrilaser and DPG Estetic who made the journey from Spain were treated to hands on product demonstrations and introduced to our all new protocols and treatments.

Dr. Tagger demonstrated the V-Form and V-Nd:YAG’s impeccable levels of ‘efficacy’, while participants raved about the stunning treatment results and how “V-Form is much faster, but above all incredibly easy to use which is something very important for our clients”.  However, it was the introduction of our all new V-Series that really stole the show.

V-Series platforms allow you to exploit the power of one system to provide an array of aesthetic treatments to a broad spectrum of clients.  This level of functionality and potential ROI really struck a chord with participants who are highly interested in introducing this technology to their locations throughout Europe.

This year’s 3 day training session in France was a total success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Contact us on Facebook or through our site to find out when Viora will be at a location near you.

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Summer Skin Care Survival Tips

Summer Time

Summer is about to arrive, bringing gorgeous sunshine for your beach sessions, poolside Piña Coladas, ice-cream covered children’s faces, and of course sunburn! With so much contradicting and confusing information regarding summer skincare, it can be hard to find relevant, accurate information that can really help. We’ve done the hard work for you to make sure you don’t fall victim to sun damage and can take the necessary steps to protect your skin with Viora’s summer skin survival tips.


Water – your new best friend this summer

Keeping hydrated is fundamental in ensuring beautiful, glowing skin throughout the hot summer months. Increased temperatures combined with spending more time outdoors often results in higher levels of water loss and dehydration as a result of sweating and perspiration.  This can wreak havoc on your skins feel and appearance so make sure you are continuously replenishing your body’s supply of water. Stay a step ahead of the heat and lookout for tell-tale signs of dehydration including headaches, lethargy and dry skin and lips.

Pro tip - Oranges

Pro tip
– Give yourself a vitamin C boost by adding a squeeze of orange juice to your water which will help repair and maintain better skin. Your body and taste buds will thank you for it.


Target hydration at its root with an Intensive Hydration Facial Treatment powered by Viora’s cutting edge technology.  Our Infusion™ electro-mesotherapy device combined with Ampoules containing all-natural serums, proteins and healing agents have been specially developed to penetrate and treat your skin on a cellular level. Get stunning results today from just a few sessions at a treatment provider near you.

Food – feed your body the right fuel 
While ice-cream and take away from the boardwalk might be a convenient summer snack on your way home from the beach, don’t underestimate the important role that food plays on your skin and its appearance.  Try and distance yourself from fried foods which have a high glycemic index, and packaged foods which are filled with preservatives and additives as they are known to cause blood sugar level spikes, restricting your skins ability to produce collagen and maintain skin elasticity. You should also lower your intake of sugars, alcohol and caffeine which have been known to cause skin inflammation, collagen damage and dehydration, especially during summer.

Feed your body the right fuel


Don’t despair! While there are lots of foods to avoid, a range of healthy, tasty options exist for your culinary satisfaction and skin perfection. Apples and watermelons are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that give your skin a boost and serve as an ideal snack between meals. Fish is loaded with Omega-3 and fatty acids which can help reverse sun damage while protein rich legumes do wonders for skin cell regeneration and repair.

Your best defense is a good offense

Take charge of your skin care during summer by limiting the impact of those pesky UV rays. Start out by accessorizing your new swim suit in ultimate style and skin safety with an all-natural floppy straw hat to stop UV rays directly reaching your face, neck and shoulders. If you do plan on spending some time under the sun, aim for the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun’s rays are less harmful than during the hotter afternoon hours.

We recommend gentle exfoliation treatments throughout summer when your skin is more exposed to the sun. Pristine procedures can give you a customizable, clean exfoliation treatment that will remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe and regenerate better. With 13 different diamond tips an exfoliation procedure with Pristine can be completed on a wide range of skin types and symptoms.



Of course, there are few substitutes for high quality sun-screen to achieve maximum skin protection, but with a seemingly endless selection choices, finding the right lotion for your skin is a daunting task. Try looking for sunscreen that is at least SPF 30+, water-resistant and blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Be sure to re-apply every 2 hours and don’t overlook your legs and feet, they can also get burnt!

Expect the best, plan for the worst
Following these basic tips will maximize your chances of maintaining beautiful skin through summer, but if you should find yourself a victim of sunburn, begin treating your skin as soon as possible. While damage that has already been done cannot reversed, there are things you can do to relieve pain or irritation cause by overexposure. Avoid the sun as much as possible so your skin is not further damaged and use aloe vera or a wet towel to cool and sooth the skin. Applying moisturizer will help alleviate skin dryness that may have developed, as does giving your body a boost of water to hydrate. If peeling occurs or blisters develop, resist the urge to pick, peel and pop as this will slow the skins natural rejuvenation process.

To achieve the ultimate bikini body this summer, look no further than Viora’s innovative full body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments for a more defined, smoother skin appearance. Powered by our patented CORE technology with multiple RF channels, you can produce extremely natural, long lasting results in very minimal time.

Make sure to share this information with your family and friends, and follow Viora on Facebook and Instagram for more great articles and information, as well as details about our cutting edge products offering a wide range of treatments to keep you looking fabulous.

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Viora Celebrates Mother’s Day


mothers day

With Mother’s Day around the corner we want to celebrate all the mothers and mother figures. We know that being a mother is the most beautiful job in the world but we know it is also one of the toughest jobs on the body. From pregnancy hormones to acne and hyperpigmentation, weight gain and weight loss and all of your time taken up caring for your little miracle we know what symptoms you are facing and we have the solution to treating them!

Pregnancy hormones can do a number on your skin, sure you have the pregnancy glow, but the acne and melasma may follow. Studies show that more than one in two women will develop mild to severe acne in the first trimester of pregnancy, and it may last long after the baby is born due to shifting hormone levels.  Viora’s V-IPL can treat those pesky breakouts by causing reactive oxygen in the acne bacteria to diminish the symptoms.

V-IPL Acne

Hyperpigmentation is also a symptom experienced that may last years after delivery. Our V-IPL can also target dark spots with light wavelengths specific to targeting unwanted hyperpigmentation superficially or deep in the skin.

Sun damageV-IPL Pigent

Mother’s everywhere also look for a solution to treating lax skin also knows as the “post baby belly”. A treatment that can target the local fat left over from the weight gain as well as the loose lax skin left from delivering. Viora’s Reaction and V-FORM handpiece on the V10 system can target both the loose skin and fat all one treatment! Our ReFit protocol is designed to promote collagen production while shrinking the fat cells. Your skin will look smooth and more firm.

Belly B&A

If you have adopted or are still a mother figure, we know how busy life can be, a mother’s job is 24/7 and who has time or the energy to exercise after a long day of fun with the kids? Whether you have gained or lost weight, or are seeing signs of cellulite, aging skin or large pores, Viora has the solution for your aesthetic concerns.


Our treatments aren’t just for the new mothers out there, you may be a mother of a teenager, millennial or even a grandmother we have the solution for you too! Whether you spend a Mother/Daughter day at the spa, or are just looking to enhance your beauty and improve fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and vascular lesions, we can help. Visit www.vioramed.com to find a physician near you and set up that special appointment.

Feel Confident

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Viora hosts a Night of Beauty for the Women of Safe Harbor Crisis Center

With International Women’s Day in March, Viora hosted a Night of Beauty and offer free treatments to those women taking shelter at the Safe Harbor Crisis Center. This activity let us give back to the women who truly touch our hearts and to share our message of love; that they are not alone, and that they too, are beautiful. Safe Harbor Crisis Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide shelter, supportive services and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as education, awareness and resources to their communities.

safe harbor logo

“It was very rewarding to give treatments to such thankful sweet ladies” – says Denise (Viora Inc.).

Viora provided exfoliation with Pristine, our Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion device and Reaction, our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening system. “Giving back to our communities and making women feel beautiful is the reason we are in this industry. Our treatments help rejuvenate the skin by exfoliation and brining the cells back to life which in turn makes the skin feel soft and look much brighter, and we wanted to bring some sunshine back into the lives of the women at Safe Harbor.” Says Holly (Viora Inc.) from Utah, USA.

reaction and pristine

“While talking with a volunteer at the Crisis Center I learned that ‘Utah has a higher rate of domestic violence related homicides than the national average. Over 40% of homicides in Utah over the last ten years were domestic violence related. Domestic violence affects everyone. I also learned that nationally, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence, but in Utah that number is 1 in 3 according to the most recent figures available from the Utah Office on Domestic and Sexual Violence.’ ”

“I loved seeing the joy that this evening of pampering brought to our clients at the shelter. They talked for days about how nice their skin felt and how nice it was that Viora came and did this for them.” – A volunteer at Safe Harbor quoted. “Thank you for coming and making us look and feel beautiful again! You were so nice to us. It was fun to just relax for a couple of hours to socialize and get pampered. It’s been about a week and my face still feels really nice. Thank you!” – A client from Safe Harbor said.

Safe Harbor Crisis Center opened their doors to women and their children in 1997 and provides free services such as Emergency Protective Shelter; Domestic Violence Outreach Services; Domestic Violence Diversity Program; Children’s Services; 24-Hour Crisis Response; Domestic Violence Housing; Sexual Assault Services; Protective Order Assistance; and Community Outreach and Education; the Economic Empowerment Program and the Lethality Assessment Protocol. The programs and services at Safe Harbor Crisis Center serve women, children and men impacted by sexual and domestic violence victimization and are essential to help survivors lead a life free of violence.

Knowing that there is a safe place for these women to go and promoting awareness truly saves lives.

Some facts about domestic violence:

  • 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence and in Utah that number is 1 in 3.
  • Women who experience intimate partner violence are 80% more likely to have a stroke and 70% more likely to have heart disease.
  • Children exposed to violence are more likely to fail or have difficulty in school, have behavioral issues, suffer from anxiety or depression, engage in criminal behavior, or abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Since 2000, domestic violence related homicides accounted for at least 42% of all adult homicides in Utah. In 2015, that percentage climbed to account for 47% of homicides.

In total, in the last fiscal year Safe Harbor provided the following:

  • 438 adult domestic violence survivors and child witnesses found safety in our protective emergency shelter for almost 16,000 shelter nights.
  • Safe Harbor Crisis Center provided 3,176 casework hours to survivors and their children.
  • The organization assisted 2,617 clients through their ten programs.
  • 8,811 crisis calls were answered between their domestic violence, protective order, and sexual assault crisis lines.
  • The 24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team responded to 65 crisis calls.

What an amazing organization! We are truly grateful for this experience and for the shelter and love Safe Harbor provides. Awareness is key, and knowing that there is a safe place to turn makes all the difference.

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Operator Spotlight: Lisa Garcia – Blondies the Beauty Shop and Spa

Recently a couple of our US trainers spent 2 days in Denver, Colorado to visit a highly recommended and extremely busy beauty shop and spa.

Lisa Garcia (age 31), a Laser Specialist and Manager at Blondies the Beauty Shop and Spa (Denver CO), has owned her Reaction for about 5 months now.

We asked Lisa about her experience with Reaction and she said “I love it! I love doing the fat reduction treatments, the results are incredible and Viora’s team is so helpful and always there if you have a question, not to mention the machine changed my life and my body!”

In the 5 months that Lisa has owned Reaction, she has been booked back to back with Reaction treatments for body contouring and skin tightening, but she has also been able to treat herself. We asked Lisa to share her best client testimonial and to our surprise, it is her very own:

“Since I started doing the Reaction treatments I would say the best testimonial is myself. I have a six year old son and got really bad stretch marks and had fat I just couldn’t get rid of. I had two Coolsculpting treatments, prior to knowing anything about Reaction or Viora. After months of a lot of bruising, pain, swelling and money gone, with no results, I was a little wary to try Reaction. A good friend and client recommended it and I started treatments. After only eight sessions on my stomach, I couldn’t believe my eyes but the before and after images really show how amazing the results were. I’m a believer that you can really achieve the body you’ve always wanted, and Viora just gives you that extra push to get there!!”


Before and After Blondies

On the left, we see Lisa’s body after her cryotherapy treatments and on the right we see her results after 8 Reaction treatments. The most amazing part about it, is Lisa didn’t even treat her back, but from the contouring and fat reduction along with tightening skin on the abdomen/flank area, it helped improve the appearance of her back as well!

Before and After Blondies back

Reaction utilizes Viora’s proprietary technology CORE (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) to stimulate collagen, elastin and fibroblasts while targeting the fat cell at the same time. Unlike Cryolipolysis therapy which can only be used for fat reduction by freezing the fat cell thus causing death (apoptosis), the Radiofrequency implemented by Viora works to heat the tissue, shrink the fat cells, tighten the skin, increase diffusion of oxygen released by red blood cells, increase metabolism and does not leave the skin lumpy and bumpy. Reaction incorporates vacuum therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system to then help the body eliminate unwanted waste by promoting circulation.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your great results with Viora!

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