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Operator Spotlight – Emily Dickman of Kucumber Skin Lounge

Posted in Reaction, V-30 by vioramed on October 29, 2014

Reaction multi-RF bi-polar device

When Kucumber Skin Lounge received its first Viora device in 2012 (Reaction), Emily Dickman was skeptical of its promise of drastic results in a non-invasive manner. The Kucumber trainer and lead aesthetician’s skepticism didn’t last long.


“When I started seeing the results my clients and I personally were having, my skepticism turned into amazement,” said Dickman, who used Reaction to get a full-face skin tightening for a more youthful, tighter appearance.


BA336-KucumberNow Kucumber uses Reaction for contour, cellulite and skin tightening treatments at all three of its locations (Seattle, Bellingham and Bellevue), which Dickman says allows them better site-specific targeting of cellulite/fat loss and skin tightening. In fact, Reaction is “by far the most comfortable and most effective method” Dickman says she’s seen in the 11+ years she’s been an aesthetician.

V30 Multi-technology Platform from VioraKucumber also recently started using Viora’s multi-technology platform V-30 for hair removal, which patients say is very comfortable and technicians say is very user-friendly, since it makes switching to another treatment possible without changing devices.

In other words, Kucumber Skin Lounge has become a Viora-holic.

“It truly does help change an individual’s life and I’m proud to be a part of that process with Viora,” Dickman said.

Labial Laxity and the Use of CORE™

Posted in CORE technology, Reaction, ReVive, V-touch by vioramed on October 20, 2014

Revive flower shutterstock_57125812The power of Viora‘s CORE™ technology is its effectiveness – and there’s great satisfaction in seeing physicians take advantage of this revolutionary multi-RF technology and apply it to their own needs.

Labiaplasty, a surgical procedure for reshaping labial tissue is on the rise, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) with an increase of 44% procedures performed in 2013, compared to 2012. With an increased demand of non-invasive techniques for aesthetic treatments, practitioners using CORE™ can now also offer a solution for labial laxity to their patients.

Dr. Stephen A. Foley, M.D., Comprehensive Women’s Care of Colorado Springs, CO found this new solution to be a welcome addition to his array of treatments. “Here at the Comprehensive Women’s Care of Colorado Springs, CO, our patients are looking to address lax vulval tissue. With Viora’s CORE™ technology we’re able to offer an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. The procedure is effective, has no downtime and is painless, performed without anesthesia. Our patients enthusiastically embrace the treatments.”

Whether the cause is childbirth, age, trauma, genetics or excessive weight loss, the tissue in the vulval area can be loose and saggy. This loss of strength and tone can lead to a variety of issues for women, including emotional and physical discomfort.

With Viora’s CORE™ technology, physicians can offer a non-surgical option for women not inclined to undergo surgery, whether due to fear, monetary concerns or concern about the resulting downtime.

Using Viora’s proprietary CORE™ technology, with multi- RF energy delivered via three different frequencies: 0.8MHz, 1.7MHz and 2.45MHz as well as a multi-channel mode that combines all three frequencies together physicians can deliver accurate levels of energy. This ensures the collagen is remodeled which restores the skin’s elasticity and thickens the dermis, with collagen production continuing for up to five weeks following each procedure. This noticeably tightens the tissue.

Now there is a surgical alternative to labial laxity, making for a painless procedure, with no downtime, and no anesthesia necessary. For women looking for a completely non-invasive, effective treatment, Viora’s CORE™ is the solution!

To see results of Viora’s treatment for lax vulval tissue, click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Viora’s CORE™ technology can help your practice, contact us today!

Section 179 Countdown

Posted in Pristine, Reaction, Trios by vioramed on November 4, 2013

While the advent of a new year usually means counting down the seconds to the ball dropping in New York’s Times Square, here at Viora, we’re starting the Section 179 countdown.

Section179 countdown

With only 2 months left, now is the time to act to ensure that you take advantage of the benefits of Section 179. So if you buy a medical aesthetic device from Viora, you can deduct the full purchase price of the equipment purchased or financed during 2013. That’s a transaction that should definitely be checked off of your list of resolutions in 2013!

And making the decision to bring Viora into your clinic doesn’t just stop at your 2013 tax return. Our products quickly pay for themselves, increasing your bottom line.

“We hosted two very successful open houses that featured the Reaction™. We are now booked out one month in advance and have a waiting list! We have generated $75,000 gross revenue in the last four months,” Dr. Kate Shattenkirk of Southern Pines Aesthetics & Laser Institute in North Carolina

What devices are you looking for?

Reaction – the leading non-invasive multi-channel RF device for body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction and tightening provides effective, pain-free, results with no needed anesthesia or downtime

Trios – the technologically advanced IPL device for acne clearance, treatment of pigmentation disorders and vascular lesions and long-term hair removal

Pristine – premier crystal-free diamond-tip microdermabrasion system for non-invasive and full scope exfoliation treatments

trio of devices

Don’t submit your tax return without taking advantage of Section 179 and Viora!

For full details on how Section 179 works for you, visit

Contact us to see how you can take full advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for your business– email, call 1 201 332 4100 or ask for a free demo today!


Reaction Realness

Posted in Reaction, Reaction Success Story by vioramed on October 6, 2013

Do you really need to go the tummy tuck route to feel good about yourself? Not according to every Real Housewife…

In an episode of Real Housewives of NJ, one of the women took a trip to LA to undergo surgery. A little nip and tuck to feel sexy again.



  • Expensive surgery
  • All the risks that a surgical procedure with general anesthesia entails
  • Painful (especially if you saw the close-up of skin cut from her stomach)
  • Several weeks of serious downtime

Is that the only way to get your sexy back?

Check out Phaedra Parks, one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s having Reaction™ treatments for tightening up her skin, opting for a non-invasive, painless solution with absolutely NO downtime. Phaedra’s loving her Reaction™ treatments and is definitely looking like one hot, sexy mama!

Watch the video to hear Phaedra Parks praise Reaction!

Interested in seeing how you can get great results from Reaction™’s skin tightening, body & facial contouring or cellulite reduction treatments and feel as good about your body as Phaedra Parks does about hers? Click here to find your nearest practitioner!

The Down Low on Downtime

Posted in Info, Infusion, Pristine, Reaction, Trios, V-touch by vioramed on August 8, 2013
Reaction multi-RF bi-polar device

Reaction multi-RF bi-polar device

When deciding whether or not to undergo a voluntary medical procedure, downtime is generally high on the list of a potential patient’s concerns. Today, there are many non-invasive aesthetic procedures which require no downtime at all. When a client undergoes a procedure such as body contouring with ReactionTM or microdermabrasion with PristineTM, they are able to return to their routine immediately after as there are no adverse, external effects.

With treatments that are even somewhat invasive there tends to be two kinds of downtime, doctor-mandated downtime and social downtime. When a doctor tells a patient to stay inside after an invasive procedure like a CO2 laser peel it is for medical reasons. While your appearance may leave what to desire, this is not the physician’s concern. Exposure to the sun and the elements could cause infection, burns and a prolonged healing process. Whether you like it or not you are stuck missing work, your friend’s party or any other activities planned.V-touch RF Fractional Device by Viora

Social downtime is downtime a patient elects to undergo him or herself. After a minimally invasive procedure such as skin resurfacing with the V-touchTM, the client may return to their normal routine immediately after. The procedure has somewhat of a visible effect on the client’s appearance but it is safe to cover the treatment area with makeup after 24 hours. If a slightly red visage doesn’t bother you though, it is perfectly safe to return to your routine immediately after the procedure as long as you remember to cover up when going into the sun.

V-touch RF Fractional Device by Viora

It is important to keep in mind that, generally speaking, when a doctor discusses the downtime after a procedure he or she is referring only to the mandatory downtime. The one to two weeks you must remain inside after a laser peel does not include the social downtime you may elect to take upon yourself because of any remaining swelling or redness.

So whatever type of procedure you choose to undergo make sure you have a proper understanding of what your physician means when saying “downtime” and what that will ultimately mean to your daily routine.

On the Small Screen with Reaction!

Posted in Reaction by vioramed on July 11, 2013

Reaction device at TAS 2013

Laurel House speaks with Tom McDermott about the benefits of Reaction multi-RF bi-polar device for body & facial contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Viora made a quite a splash on Aesthetic TV while Las Vegas at this year’s THE Aesthetic Show.

Dr. Daniel Man appears with Dr. Ordan, discussing the science behind multi-channel RF, explains how it is an alternate, non-invasive solution for body and facial contouring and skin tightening, while providing a demonstration of Reaction. View the video here!

On the show floor, Tom McDermott speaks about the ability of Reaction to “shrink wrap the skin” that allows for the immediate, visible results of skin tightening, that both men and women are looking for! To see the video, click here.

To follow the video adventures of Viora and Reaction, subscribe to Viora’s Youtube channel at!

Join Viora for Dinner!

Posted in Reaction by vioramed on April 7, 2013

reaction dinner programs

Ready to learn more about Reaction™?

With the Reaction™ Dinner Program, you can hear from physicians currently using Reaction™ in their clinics – discover how experienced users incorporate the leading body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction device into their practice!

Get a better understanding on how to market the most requested non-invasive treatments to your patients, and see how working with the best medical aesthetic system can change your practice for the better!

Reaction™ dinner programs are taking place around the country – don’t miss out! To register for one of the events, click here today!

Apr. 25, 2013: Seattle, WA

Apr. 25, 2013: Chicago, Il

May. 07, 2013: Baltimore, MD

May. 09, 2013: Atlanta, GA

Red Carpet Treatment with Viora!

Posted in Reaction by vioramed on February 20, 2013

Award season is upon us and while most people are making their predictions as to who will be winning the big prize, or checking out the glam dresses and seeing who’s wearing which designer, here at Viora, we’re thinking about something else:

Who on the red carpet has had treatments with Reaction!?!

Allure magazine has spoken to Dr. Harold Lancer, LA-based dermatologist who treats the stars of Hollywood. While not mentioning names, he says:

What does your pre-Oscars treatment entail? “One month out, patients will come in once a week for gentle micro-polishing followed by five to 10 minutes of red or blue LED light treatments. The blue is for oily or acne prone skin and the red is for skin that needs plumping and soothing. Then two weeks out, they’ll get two different facials a week—either a ‘vegan facial’ with algae stem cells, or a stem cell or placenta stem cell facial that are sheep based. When applied topically, they’re nourishing and increase collagen production. They’ll also do a toning or lifting procedure—like Viora—to firm and lift the eyebrows, jaw, and neck.”

Reaction™’s results for facial contouring and skin tightening are so natural looking, it will be hard to know exactly who had the treatments. However, we’ll be sure to be watching the show!

Dr. Lancer will be appearing next week on Access Hollywood to discuss the benefits of Reaction™ – stay tuned!

To read the full article, click here.

The Success of ReFit

Posted in Uncategorized by vioramed on October 18, 2012


There’s nothing more gratifying and exciting for us at Viora than to hear about the many, ongoing successes with ReFit - the leading non-invasive treatment to address loose and sagging skin, painlessly and effectively, with no downtime.

We received a letter from a patient in Florida and had to share!

In June of 2012 I went to see Dr. Daniel Man for a consultation for liposuction on my stomach, arms and legs. I was told that I did not have fat, but in fact, it was stretched skin from weight loss. He suggested I try ReFit for arms and legs and suggested tummy tuck for my stomach. Not wanting to go through surgery I asked if I could try ReFit for my stomach as well.  After only one session I saw an amazing difference on my stomach.  Clothes that were too tight, now fit. I felt like the incredible shrinking woman. I have since done my arms and thighs and have the very same results. Imagine how happy I am not to have had major surgery and still see such wonderful results. I see results even weeks after I stop the treatment on that area. It is truly amazing. I am looking forward to doing my neck and face. Thank you inventors of ReFit and my wonderful aesthetician, Rachel.

Rachel and Dr. Man in Florida are doing wonderful work on Reaction patients, as are clinicians across the globe. See below a small sample of ReFit before and after images.

For more information on Reaction, click here!







Reaction is a Finalist for Best Body Reshaping and Best Skin Tightening!

Posted in Reaction by vioramed on September 2, 2012


Exciting news on the Reaction front as we made it to the Finals of the MyFaceMyBody contest in two categories:

  • Best Body Reshaping
  • Best Skin Tightening

We need your help to win – cast your vote or comment on the great results you’ve received with Reaction!


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