Wedding season is here – are you prepared?

July and August are two of the most popular months for weddings. Around the world, people are preparing for their special day with all sorts of aesthetic procedures:  manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, and hair removal. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is your most memorable keepsake: wedding photos. And the question is, how do your hands appear in those photos? We know your ring is beautiful & everything you ever dreamed of, but are your hands photo-ready or are they photo-aged? Do they look thin, wrinkled, dull and covered with age spots?


Don’t settle for photo editing; add something to your wedding day “prep list” that will have you more than excited to show off your ring.

Viora’s V-ST and V-IPL treatments are just the thing you need. V-ST can maximize the collagen production and add more warmth and fullness to your hands while V-IPL will remove the unsightly age spots and brighten that overall dull appearance. Treat yourself to one or the other, or combine the two to get the full effects and benefits of each treatment.

The skin on our hands tends to thin as we age, and veins start to show more which can leave people uncomfortable in showing their hands off in fear of looking older than they really are. Viora’s V-ST handpiece non-invasively stimulates collagen in both dermal layers with CORE technology, the most advanced bipolar radio frequency configuration. With the ability to precisely target the dermal layers on thin areas such as the hands, this is truly the most unique option. There is no downtime with this procedure and it can be done bi-weekly, quickly on your lunch break, in between wedding planning.

Viora’s V-IPL handpiece, the latest and greatest IPL solution focuses on the superficial layers of skin while targeting age spots with our proprietary PCR™ technology, while stimulates collagen. PCR™ is designed to treat all ethnicities and all skin types safely and effectively, with little to no downtime. With proven results of brighter, smoother texture of skin, V-IPL is a wonderful option to help you achieve more youthful skin.

Your hands will look as young as you feel and your skin will radiate just like that beautiful diamond. Combine both of these treatments to target deep down in the dermis and brighten the outer layers on the same day.

Viora knows your aesthetic needs, and we take pride in our ability to customize and tailor our treatment options to each patient. To learn more about how Viora technologies can help you enhance your hands’ appearance, visit our website to find a physician offering Viora treatments in your area.

Click here to locate a physician near you!

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Have Reaction™, will travel!

We’ve been busy here in the US, taking our leading aesthetic solutions on the road!

seattle regionalAt the beginning of June we were in Washington for our Seattle Regional Training. Staff members from accounts all around the area came for the day to get their hands dirty, learn a little and have some fun. We went over clinical protocols and operating information, business & marketing strategies, spent some time doing hands-on treatments, and ended with a toast to welcome the newest systems to the Viora family: the V-Series platform line (V30 & V20). A great time was had by all! If you’re interested in this advanced training, head to to find out when the next regional training will be. It’s an excellent opportunity to refresh yourself on Reaction’s technology, treatment protocols, and tips & tricks to use in the office, all to generate more revenue. Not to mention, it’s a $2,000 value, absolutely free! With breakfast and lunch thrown in, it’s a worthy investment.

Then we packed our bags and spent some time in Sin City for the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium. Whether people were sinning or not, we wouldn’t know because we were too busy at our booth, speaking with doctors from all over the world! We had live demos at our booth where we displayed Reaction, V-Series with the V-ST & V-IPL handpieces & Pristine. Dr. Jason Emer of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in California, spoke about Viora’s CORE technology in his lecture on body contouring & cellulite reduction.VCS image

Doctors & staff members crowded around our booth receiving complimentary treatments, watching them be performed, and talking with our talented sales force about how they can take their business to the next level. The benefits to having Reaction for an additional revenue stream, was made clear to practitioners – patients and physicians love the results!

If you want to learn more about how Viora’s aesthetic solutions can help your business, visit the Viora site!

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How Brides can Prepare for their Big Day with Viora Treatments


Your wedding day requires plenty of preparation, from choosing a caterer to the most important task of selecting your gown. Cosmetic treatments may also be part of your pre-wedding schedule, to correct and enhance areas that keep you from feeling less than your best on your special day. At Viora, we offer treatments designed with brides in mind, to address some of those common concerns that may interfere with your natural wedding glow, and guess what? There’s no downtime!

Take Control of Acne

There are few things more stressful than an acne breakout in the midst of your wedding preparations. Viora understands the importance of flaunting clear, beautiful skin underneath your veil and that is why we offer treatments that effectively keep acne breakouts at bay during this important time. Our Viora V-IPL hand piece can be used with either of our platforms to clear acne symptoms. The device features contact cooling and five different filters, which allows our IPL device to treat a wide range of skin types safely and effectively.

Greet Your Day with a Refreshed Look

It’s hard not to let the stress and worry that typically accompanies wedding planning to show up on your face when you finally make it to the big day. Give your skin a boost before you walk down the aisle with Viora’s Infusion treatment. This revolutionary device delivers high quality formulations beneath the skin’s surface without needles, discomfort or downtime. Choose different serum packages, whether you want to clear up an oily complexion, brighten dull and tired skin or turn back the clock on early signs of aging.

As of now, that treatment is only available outside the USA. So for all you red, white and blue babies out there. We recommend V-IPL. Not only will it leave you looking all glowy and soft skinned, it helps pore size, and evens complexions by targeting fine lines and wrinkles, brown AND redness from your skin. Bye bye broken capillaries and sun spots, hello skin that’s as pristine as your veil.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

You may be able to hide stretch marks beneath your wedding gown, but what happens when you head out on your beach honeymoon after the ceremony? Forget worries over unsightly stretch marks with Viora’s ReFit, an innovative treatment that uses our proprietary radiofrequency technology known as CORE™. This non-invasive treatment delivers heat far beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production and give a smoother, firmer look to your skin. Vacuum therapy is also integrated into the technology to allow for deeper heat penetration and better results overall.

This time of your life is so exciting and full of events you will remember for a lifetime through photographs and other beautiful mementos. Make sure you are ready to shine in front of your family and friends, as well as the cameras, with customized skin treatments designed just for you. To learn more about how Viora technologies can help you enhance your appearance, visit our website to find a physician offering Viora treatments in your area.

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3 Things You Should Know about Viora Reaction™

viora reactionViora Reaction™ brings the next generation of treatments for skin therapy and cellulite to your office. Using Viora’s Proprietary Technology, you can effectively address skin laxity in multiple areas of the body to create a leaner, firmer appearance. Whether you are looking to firm a flabby abdomen, reduce circumference to ready yourself for summer or turn back the clock on your lower face and neck, Viora Reaction™ may be the treatment you are looking for.

Body Treatment Options

Viora Reaction™ is an exceedingly diverse device, treating a multitude of body areas:

  • Eyes and forehead
  • Lower face
  • Neck and jawline
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips and thighs
  • Knees
  • Hands and fingers

You can choose to have a single area addressed or multiple areas treated at one time. Because the procedure is non-invasive with no downtime, you don’t have to worry about anesthesia or a recovery period if you decide to undergo multiple treatments in a single session. In addition to its skin tightening benefits in the treatment areas listed above, Viora Reaction™ is also effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite around the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

No Discomfort or Downtime

Because Viora Reaction™ is non-invasive; there is no incision, anesthesia or recovery period. The handheld device used to deliver radiofrequency energy never penetrates the surface of the skin. However, the RF energy does get deep into the layers of the dermis, working in the underlying skin structure to provide support and stimulate collagen production. The procedure is completely painless – some even describe it as relaxing – and you can return to regular activities as soon as your procedure is over.

Technology at Work

Viora Reaction™ utilizes bipolar radiofrequency energy, which effectively controls the depth of the treatment. This means you get the RF energy you need, right where you need it, without worry of damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The RF energy stimulates the body’s own collagen production, which provides support to the underlying skin structure and gives skin a supple, more youthful appearance. Collagen production also continues long after a Viora Reaction™ treatment, ensuring you enjoy long-lasting cosmetic results.

The RF technology used in the Viora Reaction™ is also combined with vacuum therapy, which is particularly beneficial in treating cellulite. As the RF energy heats the deep tissue to stimulate lipolysis or fat reduction, vacuum therapy encourages lymphatic drainage to enhance the overall results of the procedure. You will see skin that is smoother and firmer, without the telltale dimpling of cellulite.

Viora Reaction™ offers numerous benefits in skin therapy and cellulite reduction not seen with other devices today. To learn more about Viora Reaction™, find a physician in your area at

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5 Reasons you’ll want to attend a Viora Regional Training Course

Once a year Viora’s Clinical team hosts an exciting Advanced Training course for all of our local offices in some of our largest clientele regions; think of this as a continuing education course. Regional Trainings are fun and exciting and allows offices from all over the region to come together and share their tips and tricks as well as many success stories. Viora’s Clinical team will focus on a full educational didactic, practice development and hands on training to improve or perfect each operators technique and much more.

Introduction and Didactic

The first portion of our training event is devoted to educating our physicians and operators on Viora’s Proprietary Technology. We give a detailed presentation and go into full didactic to help maximize our operator’s knowledge on our systems. We will also cover safety and efficacy by sticking to our recommended protocols. Your complete overview will prepare you for the hands-on training that lies ahead.

Hands-On Training

After a delicious and productive working lunch, we fill your afternoon with hands-on training from our top Clinical Trainers in the US. Learn how to get the most out of your treatments, maximize results, tailor your treatments to each patient and really customize your treatments based on each client’s specific needs. Learn the best techniques for each protocol and all the ins and outs that ramp up the efficacy and safety of our device. Learn how to treat a variety of stubborn cosmetic concerns, from cellulite to hand rejuvenation.

Business Development Tips

Each office has its own unique style, patient selection and demographics. Make your investment work by learning business tips to help you maximize your experience with Viora. We will teach you how to handle phone inquiries, pricing and consultations to get the biggest return. We will help each operator feel comfortable talking about the treatments and answering all of the savviest patient’s questions. We will help each operator feel comfortable asking for the sell. Get the tools you need to grow your own practice with Viora. We will even give you fun hints on how to increase your social media presence to broaden your patient base.

Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Technology

If you thought that was all, we’ve got more exciting news! Stick around for our cocktail hour and a sneak peek at some of our newest technologies. Stay on the cutting edge of cosmetic treatments by learning what is currently in development and what products are about to be introduced to the market.

Networking Advantages

With a complimentary lunch, refreshments and a cocktail hour, you will have plenty of time to network with representatives of Viora as well as other professionals in your field. Use our working lunch break to ask questions about your Viora devices. Get feedback and share ideas with other providers that have experienced success with their Viora products. Together we can help you maximize your Viora experience and we are excited to bring this exciting training into your area!

All of our training events are free of charge and packed with everything you need to make your Viora investment a successful one. To learn more about our training events, contact Viora at

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Our Favorite International Delight

In our last Combination Therapy chat, we discussed the wonders of Microdermabrasion as the ideal prep for any skin treatment. The use of Viora’s Pristine is practically a necessity for just about every skincare regimen.

This week, we’re sharing a combination that includes one of our international favorites – Infusion electromesotherapy!

Infusion by Viora

Infusion by Viora

We’re big fans of combining the capabilities of advanced Light treatment of V-IPL, the precision radiofrequency of Reaction™ and the hydrating and rejuvenating effects of Infusion™’s  electromesotherapy. This blend results in a series of treatments that heals and rejuvenates skin from the deepest layers out.

vipl-reaction-infusionThis special combination of devices has the potential to address sagging skin, pigmentation irregularities, vascular lesions, acne, and for improving tone and texture. Now you know why V-IPL, Reaction & Infusion form such a powerful alliance!

So what does this all entail? A series of 6-10 treatments is recommended; depending on how much correction you desire. Once you’ve finished these series of treatments your skin will be radiant. Infusion isn’t available for use in the United States, but make note of the potential of including these devices in your skincare treatment when you’re globetrotting!

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Join in on the VIORA MADNESS and Enter our Giveaways!


Viora_March2015_MarchVioraAADMadnessPromo-FRONTAre you attending the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in San Francisco, CA, from March 20-24? Come celebrate our 10th Birthday at booth #2338. You’ll have a chance to enter our giveaway to win the Viora Reaction™ for an entire year! This FDA-cleared mutl-frequency bi-polar RF system with proprietary CORE™ technology is one of our most popular devices. It is perfect for body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction and it treats aging skin. Come see it in action at AAD booth #2338!

To enter, just complete these 3 easy steps!

  1. Take a photo of yourself at our booth (#2338).
  2. Post your photo on your practices’ business Facebook page.
  3. Use this caption: We are entering into a contest to win the @VioraMed Reaction for an entire year! An awesome machine that helps reduce cellulite! Help us win it by LIKING this picture; the person with the most likes wins! #VioraAADMadness

*Don’t forget to put the @ symbol before VioraMed (@VioraMed) to tag us and hashtag #VioraAADMadnessViora_March2015_MarchVioraAADMadnessPromo-BACK


If you will not be attending AAD, you still have a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us about your experience with Viora treatments and include the hashtag #VioraMadness in your comment! It’s that easy! The last day to enter is March 31, 2015.



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