Fashion Week is here!

Actually, Fashion Week is really Fashion Month, as four different cities (New York, London, Milan and Paris) each hold week-long events, consecutively, starting today, February 10, 2016! It’s an opportunity to see the best designers sharing their vision for what, they hope, will eventually end up in our closets.

Fashion Week - 123RF 38773565_s

Whether you’re hooked on fashion or not, it’s an exciting time in the world of design, checking out the newest shapes and colors. And if you’re following along, it’s also a chance to see who the newest “It” girl will be; who’s the hottest muse at the moment. Or are you one who completely ignores the process, going about your everyday routine, without giving much thought as to why something’s on trend?

In either case, you don’t have to be a super model to take advantage of Fashion Week’s hottest treatment trends! With the spotlight firmly focused on a model’s every step and gesture, cameras flashing, zoomed in to catch the smallest of details, you can be sure that skin care is a hot topic in the weeks leading up to their runway strut.

And it’s a hot topic for us as well! Viora has solutions for the widest range of skin issues. Whether it’s acne, vascular issues, rejuvenation, sagging skin, you can enjoy a clearer, tighter, refreshed appearance, after having one of our non-invasive treatments.



And if you’re inspired by one of the collections, and there’s an outfit you just have to have – Viora’s contouring treatments will make it easy to ensure that you look fab in the clothes – without the need for diets – so you get to feel like a model, without the downsides of being a model.


Maybe compared to a jet-setting model or designer, our everyday lives seem a little quiet or mundane – but Viora gives you the opportunity to see a real difference in the mirror, helping to shape your future!

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Building your Before and After (B&A) Database

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and our patients want to see results and hear testimonials of previous patients before they move forward with their own treatment series. When a patient becomes interested in a treatment, they will use all of today’s resources to do their ‘research’; whether it is the medical office’s website, Facebook or YouTube page, or various internet searches, they will find as much as they can before coming into the office. Once they have found enough information and have seen satisfactory results on others and have read great reviews, they are ready to call and set up their consultation.

During the patient’s initial consultation it is important to be educated on the treatment series you are offering, but we all know the patients are waiting to see the pictures. Before and after pictures are vital to any successful practice, as it is the ‘proof in the pudding’. Not only will patients want to see the manufacturer’s pictures but they will want to hear of stories related to each medical practice, personal experiences of the operators, and maybe even ask to see pictures of treatments performed by that specific technician.

So how do you build a database of before and after pictures?

Most importantly, make sure you have the permission of your patients! Without their consent, you’re exposing your clinic to a world of unpleasantness, and possible lawsuits.

Have your patients’ consent?

  1. Have your camera, iPad, or picture software ready to go before each treatment, in a room that keeps everything consistent. Make this part of the general flow of the office and each visit for your patients. Have them sign in with reception and bring them to the room where you’re taking the photographs. It doesn’t matter whether the room is the same as your treatment room. The critical issues are to make sure your lighting is the same for every shot, tape is marked on the floor to ensure that your patients stands in the same spot, your angles are the same, and your distances remains the same. In case you need to focus on problematic areas, zoom in on the image itself on the computer and crop tips image
  2. Create patient folders on your computer and upload them after every treatment. Keeping the pictures organized in folders with the date of each treatment will help you keep each picture in order. You will be able to track the patient’s progress here as well. Having the pictures uploaded to the computer will also make it easy for the operator/technician to extract the pictures to print and keep a hard copy in the patients file.

Now that you have everything covered in the office, you have to promote, post and share these exciting before and after pictures. Here’s how:

Use the before and after pictures on all of your social media sites. Whether it is your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. – these are the sites your patients are going to be accessing. Make sure your website is user and mobile friendly, as most will be researching on their mobile devices and there is nothing more frustrating in the 21st century than a site that is not compatible with phones, tablets or any other devices out there.

sm icons

Building your B&A image database will bring more patients to your clinic, will promote the strengths of your office and will build the confidence of the operators and technicians, as there is concrete proof in the success of their work.

*Icons courtesy of

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Safety First!


How important is patient safety to you? As this is something that’s critical to patients, it’s something that should be way up in your list of requirements from suppliers. Viora places a  high priority on this issue and takes extra steps to ensure that our technologies and solutions offer the highest possible standards and protection for your patients.

First and foremost, clinical training is a must for all users of our devices.

However many safeguards exist, there is always the factor of human error. Viora emphasizes customer training to ensure that mistakes are minimal and practitioners and staff are familiar with their device and protocols, before beginning to work with patients. And our customer support and advanced clinical training ensures that we’re here to follow-up and answer any questions you may have.

Have a new hire?

We provide the training tools to ensure that all your staff is up to speed, and ready to begin work, as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a company that puts your patients’ needs front and center, contact Viora today!

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2015 and beyond…!

2015 was a special year for Viora, as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in the medical aesthetic field. And we celebrated in style, as we continued to strengthen our presence around the world, implementing the leading technological solutions for the most requested aesthetic procedures.

Viora 2015

Viora’s 2015

Our V-Series multi-technology platform line continues to captivate practitioners as a leading solution for large and small clinics alike. Driven by the most advanced, ground-breaking technology available, the V20 and V30 platforms promise to bring superior results and increased revenue to clinics, as patients and physicians alike see excellent treatment results.

This past year was also a year to refocus our goals for success and set our priorities. With a new management team, ably supported by Viora’s board of directors and talented staff, we are making plans that reach beyond 2016 to continue Viora’s growth and presence in the market. We strengthened our ties with existing distributors and customers in 2015, and created new relationships by expanding into new territories around the world. This ongoing growth promises to bring rewards to all our customers.

Viora’s presence was felt in all corners of the globe, as we attended exhibitions, conferences and workshops in over 20 countries, many with our valued distributors.

viora exhibitions 2015

Viora – on the road in 2015

This is an exciting junction for Viora, and we are looking forward to 2016 (and the next 10 years!) with passion and drive. Our worldwide team is eager to continue sharing the benefits of Viora’s technology, systems and solutions with our customers and patients. We’re ready to shape our future – join us!



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Are you making these six mistakes in your clinic?

With competition fierce, you need to differentiate your practice from the one down the street. In addition to offering the best treatments, your day-to-day procedures need to be on-point. If you’re not implementing these activities in your clinic, you might be missing out on opportunities to increase revenue and keeping your patients satisfied. These six tasks don’t take a lot of effort on your part but can be the difference between a single procedure and a long list of referrals from happy clients.

1. You don’t include examples of your procedures in your waiting room

Do your patients know all  of the treatments you offer in your clinic? If you have systems that address a wide range of applications, you want to ensure that your clients know what is available. Even if the patients themselves aren’t interested in other procedures, they might have friends or relatives who are looking for that exact solution. Make it easy for your patients to see what’s on offer by displaying patient-friendly material describing the treatment and showing the results. This ensures that you are making the most of your investments.

2. You don’t set expectations

The need to set expectations is two-fold. Firstly, every patient is different, although most people respond as expected. However, with genetics, hormones and other extenuating factors, we can’t definitely know the results before the treatment and predict the exact response. Speak with your clients prior to beginning the treatment course to be sure that they are aware that their results might be different from those they have seen in other cases. Secondly, depending upon the treatment, outcomes might not be immediately visible. It could take days or weeks for the skin to recover from the treatment. Patients need to know what to expect so they’re not disappointed if they’re leaving your clinic without a completely new look.

3. You don’t do test procedures

A test procedure is one of the most important steps in providing treatments. However it often gets left out of the equation, whether due to unfamiliarity in how to perform them, time constraints or concern that patients will not return for the complete treatment course. Test procedures should be built into the schedule so patients can plan accordingly. These tests help you determine from the beginning of the treatment course exactly what parameters you should be using for each individual patient. It will also give you the benefit of seeing how a patient will react to any given treatment, allowing you to avoid those clients who may have overly sensitive skin or who respond poorly. Finally, it lets you build up trust between you and your clients. Explain to them how the test procedure helps you and they, and they will see that you care about their comfort and safety, while making the effort to achieve the best results for them. They will be more confident that they are receiving the best treatment settings for their care, as opposed to more general, generic protocols.

4. You don’t take Before and After images

There are several reasons to take Before and After images:

  • People can be forgetful and while there could be improvement following a treatment, there still might be remnants of the symptom. For example, if you perform treatments for cellulite reduction on the thigh, it would be very hard for someone to pinpoint the changes without seeing the before image.
  • You can protect yourself and your clinic. In a litigious climate, you will have proof of what the skin looked like before and after each treatment.
  • Use your images to promote the results of your own work and clinic. Great outcomes are something to be proud of, and with proper patient consent,you can use these images in your marketing activities.

5. You don’t discuss post-care treatment

How your patients behave after a treatment could very well impact upon the results of the treatment. If your clients don’t have the best knowledge to care for their skin following treatments, then the outcomes are at risk, as is their satisfaction with the entire treatment course. Any change to their day-to-day routine should be included (staying out of the sun, application of make-up, etc.), as well as addressing how long these behaviors should take place. These post-treatment guidelines can be prepared and printed out to make the whole process easier for your patients to remember what they can and can’t do.

6. You don’t check in with your patients following their procedures

After every visit with my mechanic, I get a follow-up call two days later, “how’s the car running? Are you having any problems?” Just one call makes me feel the expense was worth it. This kind of follow-up can convey to your patients that you care about them, and that it’s not just a business transaction. It also gives them the opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns they might have, which otherwise might have been forgotten. And it gives you the opportunity to discuss any additional treatments or special promotions in order to bring these clients back to your office. All it takes is a simple phone call.

If you already do the above, congrats! Your patients are well-educated and aware of what you can and can’t accomplish, and their satisfaction levels will reflect that knowledge.

If you or your staff don’t perform these six simple tasks, then now is the time to start implementing them into your 2016 plan. Begin these habits now to help you increase revenue and patient satisfaction!

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How do you prove a negative?

Ethics in marketing – why it’s important

For ongoing success, a clinic must maintain the highest level of credibility. All businesses must be trustworthy in the eyes of their customers, suppliers and even staff. That’s why it’s important for us all to be honest with our customers.

In the world of medical aesthetic solutions, where results are what count, people want to see pictures of previous work. But with the advent of Photoshop (and other graphic software), sometimes there’s an initial reaction to dismiss these images by claiming the pictures have been altered to improve results.

VIPL B and A 091

How do you ensure that your clients believe what’s in front of their eyes? By building a reputation of trustworthiness, not overpromising, and using solutions that allow you to easily replicate your results. Utilizing Viora’s systems lets you achieve this, due to the inherent flexibility and customization available in our superior, proprietary technologies. With Viora’s solutions you can easily stand by your results, as well as the results of others using our systems.

BandA VIPL 071

Here at Viora, you have our word that the results we show you have not been manipulated – our B&A images document the excellent outcomes that we and our customers have achieved. For more information on how to attain these results in your practice, contact us today.

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PINK BASH – A Party with a Purpose

How are you building community ties? In addition to raising awareness for your clinic, reaching potential patients, this kind of activity gives you the opportunity to support a cause that is important to you, your staff and clients.

pink bash 5Spa Longevita Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, based in Orlando, FL participated in this year’s PINK BASH. An annual party hosted by the Orlando Sentinel and others, the PINK BASH supports Breast Cancer Awareness and benefits Central Florida’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Hundreds of visitors had the chance to partake in the many activities, enjoying music and cocktails, while breast cancer survivor models strutted the runway. Dozens of sponsors participated to raise money and awareness for this important mission.

pink bash 4Spa Longevita’s sponsorship gave Dr. Brooke Higgins the opportunity to meet many attendees, while sharing in the ultimate purpose of the PINK BASH. With a booth set up on the grounds of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Dr. Brooke and her staff were able to book consultations for the offerings at Spa Longevita Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.

These services include the body and facial contouring and cellulite reduction treatments performed by Viora’s Reaction. Using Viora’s marketing materials, such as the Before & After flip chart, brochures, etc., Dr. Brooke and her staff collected the names of those interested in learning more on how Viora’s treatments can help them. By acquiring their emails, Spa Longevita will be following up with everyone that visited their booth for the opportunity to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

pink bash 2“PINK BASH is such an important event and the good that it performs makes us very proud to be part of it. At the same time, it was great to have the support of Viora, and share their treatments and results. It made for an exciting day, as our booth was always crowded with people looking to learn more about our medical spa and Viora’s solutions, said Lisa Silvagni from Spa Longevita. “This event has really given us the opportunity to support all women with breast cancer and share Dr. Brooke’s belief that each and every one of her patients is important.”

The underlying message of PINK BASH is to find a cure for breast cancer giving sponsors and attendees the opportunity to show their own support for the cause. While October has come and gone, the Fight for the Cure remains strong!

What activities have you supported in your community and patient outreach?

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