How do you prove a negative?

Ethics in marketing – why it’s important

For ongoing success, a clinic must maintain the highest level of credibility. All businesses must be trustworthy in the eyes of their customers, suppliers and even staff. That’s why it’s important for us all to be honest with our customers.

In the world of medical aesthetic solutions, where results are what count, people want to see pictures of previous work. But with the advent of Photoshop (and other graphic software), sometimes there’s an initial reaction to dismiss these images by claiming the pictures have been altered to improve results.

VIPL B and A 091

How do you ensure that your clients believe what’s in front of their eyes? By building a reputation of trustworthiness, not overpromising, and using solutions that allow you to easily replicate your results. Utilizing Viora’s systems lets you achieve this, due to the inherent flexibility and customization available in our superior, proprietary technologies. With Viora’s solutions you can easily stand by your results, as well as the results of others using our systems.

BandA VIPL 071

Here at Viora, you have our word that the results we show you have not been manipulated – our B&A images document the excellent outcomes that we and our customers have achieved. For more information on how to attain these results in your practice, contact us today.

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PINK BASH – A Party with a Purpose

How are you building community ties? In addition to raising awareness for your clinic, reaching potential patients, this kind of activity gives you the opportunity to support a cause that is important to you, your staff and clients.

pink bash 5Spa Longevita Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, based in Orlando, FL participated in this year’s PINK BASH. An annual party hosted by the Orlando Sentinel and others, the PINK BASH supports Breast Cancer Awareness and benefits Central Florida’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Hundreds of visitors had the chance to partake in the many activities, enjoying music and cocktails, while breast cancer survivor models strutted the runway. Dozens of sponsors participated to raise money and awareness for this important mission.

pink bash 4Spa Longevita’s sponsorship gave Dr. Brooke Higgins the opportunity to meet many attendees, while sharing in the ultimate purpose of the PINK BASH. With a booth set up on the grounds of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Dr. Brooke and her staff were able to book consultations for the offerings at Spa Longevita Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.

These services include the body and facial contouring and cellulite reduction treatments performed by Viora’s Reaction. Using Viora’s marketing materials, such as the Before & After flip chart, brochures, etc., Dr. Brooke and her staff collected the names of those interested in learning more on how Viora’s treatments can help them. By acquiring their emails, Spa Longevita will be following up with everyone that visited their booth for the opportunity to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

pink bash 2“PINK BASH is such an important event and the good that it performs makes us very proud to be part of it. At the same time, it was great to have the support of Viora, and share their treatments and results. It made for an exciting day, as our booth was always crowded with people looking to learn more about our medical spa and Viora’s solutions, said Lisa Silvagni from Spa Longevita. “This event has really given us the opportunity to support all women with breast cancer and share Dr. Brooke’s belief that each and every one of her patients is important.”

The underlying message of PINK BASH is to find a cure for breast cancer giving sponsors and attendees the opportunity to show their own support for the cause. While October has come and gone, the Fight for the Cure remains strong!

What activities have you supported in your community and patient outreach?

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Ten Tips to Increase Your Clinic’s Revenue


While a major part of your business is to attract customers, probably sales and marketing techniques were never given the focus it deserved when you were in school. Here are Viora’s top 10 marketing tips to help you bring in more business, increasing your revenue.

  1. Use Social Media!
    Today the consumption of social media is at an all-time high. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more help you reach out to patients in your local area, and even to patients who are visiting your area, whether it’s for a summer vacation, winter break or for the holidays. Use advertising to reach your clients on the platform you know most of their attention lies.
  2. Reach out to your local radio and news stations, even local print journals
    Is there a host or anchor that would like to be treated in exchange for some air time? Find out what packages they offer, whether in studio appearances or filming in your office. Include a twist! Treat the Physician on air; clients love to see that the Physician feels comfortable and safe getting the treatments that are offered to the patients.
  3. Explore starting a “Patient Retention Program
    We know that ‘word of mouth’ can make or break us. Incentivize your satisfied patients to bring in 1-3 friends that purchase a package and award your patients accordingly. Providing superior services to one patient generates results, as they will tell their family and friends all about the treatment.
  4. Start a friendly competition between your staff
    Your staff would love to receive the treatments they are offering but never have time. Create a fun competition; the staff member who sells the most receives a complimentary spa day for all of their hard work. When your staff experiences the treatments and can testify to their own results, they become a walking billboard, and your best advocate.
  5. Initiate a “Patient Loyalty Program”Many offices run this program and it works wonders. Create a point system that leads to a free treatment; Give points for a positive review on Yelp or RealSelf. Add more points for referrals, and even give them points just for being a loyal member. How about their birthday? Patients love to be taken care of and what better gift, than a free treatment?! You can also add points when your patients like or share your page and post on social media.
  6. Always have your business cards handy
    It might seem a small point, but it’s important, especially when attending trade shows, social functions, community events, charities or even when you’re out for a day of shopping and running around town. Being friendly and extending your networks will increase your target audience and expand your network. Also hand a couple of your business cards to your friends and family members. They can help advertise to their friends and family as well. Encourage your staff to do the same!
  7. Offer a complimentary service to their original treatment
    Are your patients in the office for injections? A massage or facial? Maybe you run a practice alongside your med spa? Use the classic “upselling” technique and show them your other available treatments while they’re a captive audience. Ask if they would like to have a test (possibly treat under the eye or nasolabial lines, something short and sweet). Explain what the treatments do and show them before and after pictures, to get them excited! By ‘planting the seed’ they will continue to think about the treatment when they leave your office and this could eventually result in a sold package!
  8. Create a calendar of special events and get your patients Involved
    Are you attending a local charity? Do you have a special holiday party that your office throws every year? Better yet, do you have email or home addresses of your patients to send formal invitations to your special events? You can plan a ‘New You’ New Year’s event, or Spring into Summer campaign. Offer Mother’s Day specials or a Father’s Day deal (we know men like the treatments just as much as the women), or something for Brides, and their bridal parties (and their Grooms!). All of these events will catch the attention of your patients and keep them involved in your office.
  9. Educate your patients
    Most of today’s aesthetic patients are very savvy, however with new technologies and so many devices, it is important to educate your patients on the solutions you offer in your office. This will help your patients feel safe and confident in your practice, as well as in the operators treating them.
  10. Offer complimentary consultations
    New patients love to meet staff members and the physician to see if the office is right for them. A lot of patients are turned off when they hear of a consultation fee. Allow the patients to come in, see what treatments your office offers and give them the opportunity to meet you, to make them feel welcome.

There are many ways to market Viora’s devices in your practice. In addition to the above tips, Viora’s Advanced Training comes with a full Practice Development plan for each office. We work with your staff to come up with creative ways to help market our products, which in turn helps support all of the combinations therapies and products you offer.

Interested in Viora helping your practice? Click here!

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The Need for Precision

Accuracy is a necessary and critical part of any medical treatment – it plays a role in diagnosing the various symptoms that need to be treated, as well as the specific solutions and procedures that can used in the treatment process.

When treating patients with light energy devices, this demand for accuracy becomes even more pronounced. Practitioners want to ensure that they’re delivering the most focused laser, to be confident that there is no scattering or dispersion of energy, to areas of the skin which don’t require treatment. This protects the patient and makes for a safe and dependable treatment.

Below is a picture of the results of Viora’s Nd:YAG handpiece (5.5mm spot size) being used on thermal paper, vs that of a low quality laser beam. It clearly shows the focused light energy delivered by Viora, as opposed to the dispersion of light energy available in lower-quality devices.

Laser spots - Viora vs low quality

Nd:YAG laser is the safest option for dark skin hair removal but it’s worth checking if your solution is delivering the energy where you exactly need it to be focused. That focus on laser accuracy can help secure a satisfied and happy client.

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Three Cheers for SVC™, Viora’s Proprietary Technology!

There are several different fractional technologies in today’s aesthetic world. Applications and technologies range from Fractional Ablative lasers (C02, Er:YAG) indicated for skin resurfacing, with epidermal ablation, Fractional non-ablative lasers (such as diode) indicated for skin rejuvenation with dermal coagulation / necrosis, and Fractional RF indicated for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, with epidermal ablation and dermal coagulation / necrosis at the same time.

However who wants three separate devices to perform these treatments? With Viora’s SVC™ technology incorporating all of the above, patients and physicians can give a hearty “hip, hip hoorary!”


What is SVC?

Viora’s SVC technology has the ability to produce three biological responses: only ablation (like ablative lasers), only coagulation / necrosis (like non-ablative lasers) or a combination of both (like other fractional RF systems). In addition, SVC is designed and set apart from other fractional RF systems with three unique features of Switching, Vacuum and Cooling. With Viora’s SVC technology our practitioners can treat patients as if they have three systems in one.

I’ve been working with Viora and SVC™ technology for over 5 months and am continuously impressed by the outcomes I’m able to achieve. Having the ability to customize the penetration depth, per each individual patient is a great benefit and allows me to easily address a range of conditions. In addition, the bipolar radio frequency technology allows me to treat any skin type. My patients are extremely satisfied with the procedures and the results.” – Nicole Hayre, MD, FAAD, Virginia, USA


Switching allows the practitioner to control the RF depth of penetration according to the symptoms treated in the deep layers of the reticular dermis, papillary dermis and the epidermis. Switching can be understood by recognizing there are two key features, the smart heat and the actual switching process. The Smart Heat feature is the first part of the switching mechanism which creates volumetric heating of the treatment area before releasing the fractional pulse. The tissue conductivity of RF energy correlates to the tissue temperature, an increase in skin temperature lowers skin impedance (or resistance) and consequently the target tissue is selectively heated by the RF current. Pre-heating of the target tissue by “smart heat” increases skin conductivity prior to the fractional pulse and reduces the energy levels needed, thereby reducing patients’ pain levels and post-operative complications or side effects. Switching works by pairing fractional rows at different distances, with the distance between the electrodes directly influencing the depth of penetration of RF energy. Switching also provides comfort for the patient.

Vacuum is incorporated to aid in proper coupling of the skin and comfort. The vacuum therefore contributes in three major aspects: Ensuring proper coupling of electrodes to the skin eliminates “bad coupling” which minimizes the risk of epidermal burns; reduction of pain levels due to the mechanical force applied to the tissue (“Gate Theory”); and the ability to achieve more equal, consistent and symmetrical injury points due to the stretching of the skin.

Cooling is integrated advanced TEC technology (Thermal Electric Cooling) which cools the epidermis and surrounding tissue. Simultaneous epidermal cooling and deep volumetric tissue heating allows sustained delivery of higher energy in a single treatment. If the temperature of the target tissue is higher than that of the surrounding tissue, then the RF current will be selectively focused to increase heating of the target tissue. Hence, the cooling itself drives the electrical current inside the tissue, leading to an increase in penetration depth. The cooling in the spot aids in: protection of the superficial skin layers minimizing the risk of epidermal injuries, while delivering a safer and more tolerated treatment.

 “The Viora V-touch has proven to be the most successful skin resurfacing/rejuvenation device ever utilized in our practice in terms of the right blend of ablation and thermal tightening. After a series of three treatments, patients show remarkable reduction in skin laxity, as well as significant homogenization of color, texture, tone and pore reduction. It is without a doubt one of the cornerstone devices of our cosmetic dermatology practice.” – David B. Vasily M.D, PA, USA

What are the benefits of SVC?

The advantages of Viora’s fractional RF is the treatment is more safe and effective with more comfort for your patients. High energy levels are not needed and lower energy levels are still as effective. With the ability to adjust the depth of penetration (Programs: Shallow, Medium or Deep), you can receive ablative and / or coagulative responses in each skin layer. This means that all body parts, even bony areas can be treated comfortably and effectively.

SVC technology is integrated in V-touch and the V-FR handpiece, available with the V30 & V20 multi-technology platforms. If you want more information on how Viora’s SVC technology can help you, contact us today!

*SVC, V-touch and V-FR not available in the US.

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Viora’s PCR Proprietary Technology – The second generation of light technology is HERE!

Viora is excited about its unique PCR technology and what it has to offer to patients and practitioners – a fully customizable treatment for each individual patient for the most popular light-based aesthetic procedures!

But what does PCR mean?

PCR or PulseConfiguRhythm is Viora’s proprietary technology with advanced light-based technology that incorporates a unique pulse configuration and pulse shape to ensure a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The pulse shape is designed to treat patients safely and comfortable with a smooth and controlled charge of the IPL flash while the different pulse configurations offer fully customizable treatments per patient, per indication.

So how does PCR really benefit you?

“PCR technology gives us the level of control needed to match the pulse wave and duration as closely as we can with the thermal relaxation time (TRT) of the target. This means more energy is absorbed by the target rather than surrounding tissue, which is the key to successful selective photothermolysis; efficient energy absorption gives us the specificity required to get the most out of delivered energy. Individualized treatment capability leads to improved safety, more rapid healing, enhanced results and a better overall patient experience.” – Steven Shapiro M.D., medical director of Gardens Dermatology in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

PCR was developed to three options in pulse configurations to tailor your treatments to each patient’s comfort level and Fitzpatrick Skin type.

A single pulse, multiple pulse and a rapid pulse allow physicians and operators to target different colors and sizes of lesions, different thickness of hair and colors of hair with the right amount of coagulation and the right amount of safe energy, for each patient. PCR allows the operator to treat all skin types with advanced settings to control the pulse duration and intervals of the total pulse; this allows the epidermis to stay cool while giving the target chromophore enough heat absorption to coagulate the indication that’s being treated.

pcr pic 2

And why is an adjustable pulse duration so important? The pulse duration plays an important role in efficacy and safety of the treatment. The shorter the pulse duration the more aggressive the pulse will be. A short pulse will be suitable for “difficult-to-treat symptoms” (such as light hair or lighter pigmented lesions). However, the target size will also influence the chosen duration. Based on the principle of the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time), larger targets (such as thick hair or blood vessels) will be more effectively treated with a longer pulse duration since there is a need for more coagulation. Additionally, the depth of the indication also influences the pulse duration needed, where shorter pulse durations penetrate more superficially and longer pulse durations penetrate deeper.

“I’ve had treatments with other lasers for my legs because I had problems with shaving.  I hesitated to do the bikini because I wasn’t sure it was worth the pain.  I’m so glad I did it because the results were awesome and the treatment was so much more tolerable with the V30.” – Boston, USA

pcr pic 1

We’re convinced that you’ll be as excited about PCR as we are (and those who’ve already used it are!)! PCR is integrated into the V-IPL handpiece, which is available with the V20 and V30 multi-technology platforms. For more information on how you can see PCR in action, contact us today!

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Don’t Let Cellulite Ruin Your Pictures

Fall is slowly approaching and you’re looking back at pictures from all those beach days, lake excursions, pool parties, etc., are you noticing a few shadows and dimpling in the skin that you prefer not be there? You’re not alone – cellulite is an issue that bothers just about everyone. Even Trya Banks and Hillary Rodham Clinton have discussed it!

So we all agree that cellulite is the worst! But what is it, and what can be done about it?

Cellulite is caused from enlarged fat cells, tight connective tissue bands (septae) and a weakened dermal layer. If that wasn’t enough, it also affects the circulatory rate in the skin and when there is low blood flow there is low oxygen and the cells are not given the nutrients they need to stay healthy so this tissue then becomes sick tissue.


Since cellulite is a structural problem, not a fat problem – creams, lotions, pills and even diets cannot effectively treat cellulite.

However, there is a solution. Viora treats the actual symptoms, with CORE (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) technology. CORE provides deep tissue heating to stimulate natural lipolysis, which helps reduce the volume of fat cells. In addition, Reaction’s vacuum helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing edema. Viora’s CORE also encourages fibroblast activity and gives a tightening effect. Heated fibroblasts lead to improved firmness and elasticity of the skin.

reaction 1

Exercise and diet are great for the body, however these do not target the symptom or the root of cellulite. Viora’s solution is FDA cleared for cellulite and treats cellulite effectively without downtime. Viora’s cellulite treatment targets not only the fat cells for body contouring but also addresses the dermal layers so the skin appears smooth and youthful.

So instead of deleting those pics from this summer, take the time now to start planning for next year’s bikini season! Visit to locate a Viora practitioner near you!

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